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Tally Time – Too many late calving cows
by Sandy Johnson, livestock specialist We choose the length of our calving season by how long we leave the bulls out.  Some leave bulls out until it is convenient to remove them and (More)
Advice from K-State Grads and Working Professionals
Graduating from college and transitioning into your career or graduate school is a big step in life. Whether you’re staying in Manhattan or moving to a different state, the Career Center is here to help with your transition. Recent K-State graduat (More)
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Kyle Pelton: K-State Student Employee of the Year
In the award's second year, Kyle Pelton, ambassador and scheduler for K-State's New Student Services, was named K-State Student Employee of the Year. Pelton is a senior in accounting and from Ulysses. (More)
Three-Day All-University Career Fair
Given the continuing demand for K-State graduates, the All-University Career Fair will expand from a two-day to a three-day event during September 2016. Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016: Students majoring in agriculture, arts & sciences, (More)
New Name, New Home for CES and ACIC in the Career Center
"As the new front door of K-State, the Berney Family Welcome Center will be one of the first university facilities in the country to seamlessly connect future and current student experiences with career opportunities for its graduates," said Dr. (More)
Dealing with anaplasmosis in cows
by David Rethorst, DVM, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Historically, anaplasmosis in Kansas has been diagnosed in the counties east of and including the I-35 corridor.  The 2013 Disease Trend Map from the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory ( (More)
Poultry Testing for Fair
Poultry Project Members Don't forget the required testing to be able to exhibit at the Butler County Fair will be hel (More)
Looking Ahead
The school year has ended for some and about to end for others. Raise you're hand if you're excited for summer! I know (More)
Keep an Eye on August
Despite what some say, teachers have plenty of things to do through the summer--whether it's teaching summer school to help students catch up on sk (More)
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