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Tally Time: Keeping on schedule
By Sandy Johnson, extension beef specialist, Colby, KS A year ago at this time, wet weather had delayed planting of many spring crops.  This year, cool soil temperatures are do (More)
A look back at the spring meeting
More than 200 members of the KSU Foundation Board of Trustees gathered on Friday, April 20 for a day full of updates, celebratio (More)
Upcoming events
Be sure and mark your calendar for these important upcoming events! 2018 Fall Board of Trustees Meeting Friday, September 7, 2018 Manhattan, KS 1880 Kimb (More)
President Myers launches new video series
K-State President Richard Myers has created a new video series, Minutes with Myers, to host unique conversations that are central to the university's values. Minutes with Myers will discuss some of the most relevant topics in higher education wit (More)
Trustees at work: Engagement Suite success!
The sp (More)
Medal of Excellence: Celebrating Dan and Beth Bird
At the spring meeting, trustees Dan and Beth Bird, Manhattan, Kansas, were awarded the K-State Medal of Excellence, which reco (More)
In the Classroom: Megan Reece
  Name: Megan Reece School distr (More)
Professors share some first-year memories
We found some of your former Curriculum and Instruction professors and asked them, "As a classroom teacher, what’s your favorite memory from your first (More)
Saying goodbye...and knowing you made a difference
You are about to say goodbye to your first class. You can't decide if you want to cry...or smile. That's OK – it's probably going to be a little of (More)
Keep an eye on August
Despite what some say, teachers have plenty of things to do through the summer--whether it's teaching summer school to help students catch up on sk (More)
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