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Parliamentary Basics
Did you know that Parliamentary procedure is an orderly way to conduct a meeting, a fair way to make a group discussion, respects everyone, gives everyone a chance to speak, used in groups everywhere, and majority rules while minorities are protected (More)
Important News and Deadlines
Oct. 24—   Family Fun Day and 4-H Officer Training   1:30 p.m. at Palmyra Baptist Church. Check-in is at 1:00 p.m. Oct. 30—Club Financial Audits Due Nov. 7—Achievement Celebration 3:00 p.m. Nov 11—Office Closed - Veteran's Day November 20 (More)
Stay Connected
Visit us online at The Beach Blog has new content every Monday and Wednesday!  Check (More)
Current Exhibitions
Art for Every Home: Associated Ameri (More)
Classes and Workshops
The Museum hosts a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year for all ages! November 12, 5:30p.m., More)
Happy October
Can you believe October is almost over?  Give yourself a pat on the back because you\'ve made it more than halfway through the semester!  We hope you are enjoying your classes and are making preparations for all of your upcoming exams, papers, and pr (More)
Upcoming Cultural Events
  Your next cultural event reflection paper is due Friday, November 20 by 11:59 pm! Remember, you have to attend TWO separate cultural events this semester to get full credit for the assignments.  Here are some upcoming, approved cultural eve (More)
Students of the Week
Congratulations to all the Pilots students who were nominated for Student of the Week by an instructor, advisor, or a PA!  Jacob Sanderson, Clayton Wintermantel, Ray\'Monik Brown, Janet Matos, and Jordan Maxwell have been selected for Student of the (More)
Spring 2016 Enrollment Steps
1.) Schedule an appointment with your Pilots advisor (Rebeca, Nilima or Nidhi) before October 31 by emailing them directly or stopping by Holton 101.   (More)
Student Spotlight: Rachel Groff
Rachel is from Edgerton, KS, which is on the edge of Johnson County.  Rachel was adopted when she was just three months old, and many of her siblings were also adopted.  She grew up going to church with her family since her father was a pastor, now r (More)
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