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From the Director
Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are deep into the harvest season and winter is approaching. The changing season signals a busy time for KCARE: we are launching number of new projects, submitting reports, and there are many upcoming meetings and co (More)
Feedlot managers make changes to protect water quality
By Jeff Davidson, K-State Watershed Specialist Over fifty local producers, K-State researchers, and other experts gathered for a feedlot field day in early October to discuss the importance of both cattle and feeding facility management. The event (More)
Furthering Progress Through Strategic Investments
By Casey Lauer, Assistant V.P. Power Plant & Utilities It’s an exciting time to be part of the Facilities team - Over this past year, strategic investments were made in our staff, in critical components for our buildings, and in processes aime (More)
          ... to BILL SPIEGEL & K-STATE RECYCLING for their work in helping K-State move up the ranks! "Congratulations Bill! The Big 12 Campus Report included this update taken from The Collegian: "Kan (More)
President's Appreciation Luncheon - December 7th
Just For Fun!
Barb Larson (Central Mail) spends her morning break getting some football tips from Jack Lauer, son of Casey Lauer (Assistant VP for Facilities). Jack enjoyed a short session of catch even though he did refer to Miss Barb as “butterfingers”... ...we (More)
Mark Your Calendars - Safety Fair 2017!
Welcome to Our Team!
                      Dylan Lackey was hired as a GMRT Sr. for Zone 5.                  He is working for Troy Bronaugh                     Jeremy Filby was hired as a GMRT Sr. for Zone 3.                     He is working for Shel (More)
Happy Birthday!
October 12-26 Aeromural, Mark A. Chapman Gallery, Willard Hall, Kansas State University Aeromural, a work by Enrico Isamu Ōyama, uses the sound from spray paint cans to propose a new form of mural, one that occupies space in all directions. In pa (More)
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