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Just the Facts
Those Other Duties Mean a Lot to Your Students
Outside your classroom, you’ll find that you’re asked, or possibly required, to take on other duties around your school. Some of the more common tasks: bus duty (before (More)
In the Classroom: Rachel Harmon
Rachel Harmon stands in her classroom in Ulysses, K (More)
Come on Back for Homecoming!
It's almost time for Homecoming, and we'd love to have you return to the K-State campus! It's a 102-year-old tradition, and you should be a part of it. The theme (More)
And Get Ready for Your Own Assessment
Hopefully, you have visited with your administrator about the formal evaluations. He or she can share the number of times you’ll be formally observed and the proce (More)
Stay a Step Ahead on Grading and Paperwork
Amid all the new things you’re learning—bell schedules and assembly procedures, as well as the names of 135 or so of your very favorite students and a batch of new computer passwords and codes, one important area you will need to become comfortable w (More)
Your COE Family Wants to Hear From You
Do you have a question about classroom procedures? Or a suggestion for a topic we should address in Before the Bell? Want to add your name to our mailing list? Or prov (More)
Just Ahead
Don't look now, but fall is quickly shifting into winter. Next month, we'll offer some ideas to get you prepared as you move into the second quarter of the school year. (More)
EdCats Support Just for You
Have you checked this out yet? We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your career! Check out #WeAreEdCats fo (More)
Brainy Babies - Fall Program Offerings
Brainy Babies in an interactive child + parent story hour for children birth through age 3. Through playful learning activities, each child and adult will grow and learn together. The interactive series encourages and stimulates learning while enhanc (More)
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