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Record Books, Pins & Awards
It’s time to get your record book, pin applications, club seals and scholarships on! All KAP’s (record books), pin applications, club summaries, (More)
Just Ahead
Fall is on its way! We\'ll be looking at some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) fall traditions: Homecoming Your first teacher evaluation Turning in gr (More)
We\'d Love to Hear from You!
Do you have a question about classroom procedures? Or a suggestion for a topic we should address in Before the Bell? Want to add your name to our mailing list? Or pr (More)
Power of Procedures
You\'ve heard it before, but after a month of teaching, you might want a quick reminder. Here are a few ideas on why procedures can help you have a more effective classroom– and you can get to the task of teaching, rather than disciplining. There\'s (More)
It\'s Time to Meet the Parents
Even the most veteran of teachers can find Parent/Teacher conferences a little uncomfortable, but being prepared will help you make th (More)
In the Classroom
Rebecca Edmunds is a new third-grade teacher at West Elementary in Wamego. A (More)
Have You Checked This Out?
Here\'s another great resource that Dr. Tonnie Martinez is providing for you! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to share and lear (More)
Purple Possibilities for Homecoming
September is winding down, which means October – and Homecoming Week – are gearing up at K-State! And it\'s a great time for you to return to campus and relax and (More)
50 Years, and We\'re Still Not Showing Our Age!
This year – 2015 – is a very special year for the College of Education! It\'s our 50th birthday, and we\'re celebrating! Thanks for being a part of o (More)
Absences: Be Prepared Just in Case
In your first few weeks of teaching, you’ve probably not even thought of the possibility that you might miss a day of teaching. However, the time wil (More)
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