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Late Season Fly Control
By A.J. Tarpoff, DVM, MS, extension veterinarian Horn flies are blood feeding flies that impact production on cattle operations. Populations of these flies tend to pe (More)
Manure Utilization – Capture the value
by Joel DeRouchey, Extension Livestock Specialist With fall season approach (More)
Drying Meat Safely
As fall hunting season approaches, there are many ways to preserve the meat. One of those is dehydrating meat jerky. Optimum drying temperature is 140°F. But, meat must be heated to 160°F to eliminate possible E. coli bacteria. Pick one of these m (More)
Be a Role Model for your Child
Research shows that when parents increase their physical activity, their children will do the same.  This also rings true for Fruit and vegetable intake. Your children look up to you, so be positive about how your decisions to eat healthier and move (More)
Remember MyPlate When Packing Your Child's Lunch
Ashley SvatyNutrition, Food Safetyand Health Agent Focus on colorful veggies. Pack more dark green, red, and orange vegetables for your child to enjoy. Fuel up w (More)
Harvesting Sunflower Seeds
Sunflowers are usually ready to be harvested beginning in mid-September and into October. Seed heads can ripen on the plant, but they will need protection from birds. Try covering the heads with a paper sack or cheesecloth once the petals start turni (More)
Prepare Kansas Begins September 1st
Nora RhoadesFamily and YouthDevelopment Agent We’ve had drought, wildfires, a spring blizzard and flooding in Kansas this year and it’s only August. If your home or office was a (More)
Planting a Fall Garden
Cassie HomanHorticulture Agent Do you need a second chance with your garden this year? Lucky for you, fall is an excellent time for gardening in Kansas. Growing conditions are (More)
Fall Lawn Care
The month of September signals the prime time to fertilize your tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass lawns. If you could only fertilize your cool-season grasses once per year, this would be the best time to do it. These grasses are entering their fal (More)
Dolly Parton Imagination Library available to Local Children
The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a literacy program for preschool children ages birth to five who are residents of a county with an active program. All counties in the Post Rock Extension District have an active program. These counties include (More)
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