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Click here for good ideas
The COE's Department of Curriculum and Instruction is looking out for you! Here are some links our colleagues believe provide some useful ideas as you get settled into your new profession: More)
EDCATS: Join our network
Don't miss a thing this fall! Be a part of EdCATS! We want to help beginning and early career teachers like you thrive in your career! Check out #WeAreEdCats for teaching tips and to stay in touch with the COE! Check out the website at More)
In the classroom: Alexis McCormick
STEM teacher Alexis McCormick is set for a day of teaching. Name:  Alexis McCo (More)
Have you emailed us yet?
What's up? Why don't you send us a photo of you at work in your classroom! Or, do you have a question about classroom procedures? A suggestion for a topic we sh (More)
Just ahead
Fall is on its way! We'll be looking at some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) fall traditions: Homecoming Your first teacher evaluation Turning in gr (More)
Feeling a bit tense? Try yoga for students (and you!)
Bring on the parents!
Even the most veteran of teachers can find Parent/Teacher conferences a little uncomfortable, but being prepared will help you make the (More)
Follow the procedures
You've heard it before, but after a month of teaching, you might want a quick reminder. Here are a few ideas on why procedures can help you have a more effective classroom so you can get to the task of teaching, rather than disciplining. There's plen (More)
Planning ahead...for a sick day
In your first few weeks of teaching, you’ve probably not even thought of the possibility that you might miss a day of teaching. However, the time will (More)
Build relationships with students through other duties
Outside your classroom, you’ll find that you’re asked, or possibly required, to take on other duties around your school. Some of the more common tasks: bus duty (before (More)
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