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Getting the Most Out of Canvas: Automating Assessments
Canvas has immense capabilities that can reduce the amount of time spent on the process of assessment. The Office of Assessment can help programs implement these new tools and design custom reports that meet the program’s needs. The custom reports wo (More)
2017-18 Senior Survey Results Available
Graduating seniors continue to rate Kansas State University highly in many areas. Of the 1,623 respondents (41.6% response rate) to the 2017-18 Senior Survey, over 92% rated their undergraduate experience positively and indicated they would recommend (More)
Student Spotlight: John Saiki and Hunter Clark
John Saiki (left) and Hunter Clark (right) On April 20-21 undergraduate students Hunt (More)
Department updates and accomplishments
The Department of Hospitality Management had a great 2017-2018 year full of exciting awards, guest speakers, best papers, interesting research and mor (More)
A letter from the Department Head
Welcome to the 2018 Department of Hospitality Management (HM) spring newsletter. We are presenting the first HM Newsletter brought on by a discussion with a membe (More)
Lacy's Fresh Fare and Catering update
Left to right: Lauren Reyes and Zachary Evans We are happy to say that Lacy’s, our studen (More)
Spring events recap
Pictured left to right: HM 427 students, Mary Yeros, Andrea Contreras and Janae Champlin (More)
Hospitality Management ranks among top programs
The Department of Hospitality Management is pleased to announce that in 2018 we received numerous rankings for both our undergraduate and graduate progra (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Brett Horton
The tag line for K-State College of Human Ecology states… In a world focused on things, we focus first on PEOPLE.  This is why Brett is back at K-State.  Each we (More)
Graduate School pays tribute to Alumnus
The Graduate School welcomed back to campus Dr. Ronaldo Flores (’89) as part of the Alumni Fellow Week April 9-13. The K-State Alumni Fello (More)
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