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Spring 2018 Student Capstone Projects
Acquiring a sediment core from Marion County Lake in Marion County, Kansas. Ten students  – from three colleges and seven different majors – successfully completed the NRES cap (More)
NRES Alumni Updates
We enjoy hearing from the alumni of the NRES Secondary Major!  Please take a few minutes to share with us some news about yourself, your activities and accomplishmen (More)
Environmental Scholars Fund for NRES
The Environmental Scholars Fund (F24325) was established in 2015 to support (More)
Welcome New NRES Board Members
Dr. Colby Moorberg, Department of Agronomy We welcome Dr. Colby Moorberg from the Department of Agronomy and Dr. Matthew Sanderson from (More)
New NRES Courses Now Available
During our Spring 2018 meeting, the NRES Governing Board approved the following courses as a new block electives within the NRES curriculum: ANTH 310 Environmental Anthropology: Living with Chan (More)
NRES Seminar Series Update
The Spring 2018 NRES Seminar Series featured guest presentations by five researchers.  Special thanks to Matt Meyerhoff (USDA-NRCS), Dr. Audrey Joslin (Geography), Dr. Marie Weide (Geography), Dr. Karin Goldberg (Geology), Dr. Prathap Parameswaran (C (More)
Getting the Most Out of Canvas: Automating Assessments
Canvas has immense capabilities that can reduce the amount of time spent on the process of assessment. The Office of Assessment can help programs implement these new tools and design custom reports that meet the program’s needs. The custom reports wo (More)
2017-18 Senior Survey Results Available
Graduating seniors continue to rate Kansas State University highly in many areas. Of the 1,623 respondents (41.6% response rate) to the 2017-18 Senior Survey, over 92% rated their undergraduate experience positively and indicated they would recommend (More)
Student Spotlight: John Saiki and Hunter Clark
John Saiki (left) and Hunter Clark (right) On April 20-21 undergraduate students Hunt (More)
Department updates and accomplishments
The Department of Hospitality Management had a great 2017-2018 year full of exciting awards, guest speakers, best papers, interesting research and mor (More)
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