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中美联合执业兽医教育项目的学生勤奋进取,为能在学业上取得成功而不断努力。此外,他们还积极参加兽医实践,以及与动物和人类健康有关的科学研究来扩充他们的视野。以下学生在2015年取得全美或学校的奖学金: 刘波,2017届,堪萨斯州立大学兽医学院 • 2015 硕腾兽医学生奖学金   (More)
美中动物卫生中心欢迎来自中国国家留学基金委的客人来参加中美联合执业兽医教育项目聚会活动。此次聚会旨在为项目学生提供一个互相交流和学习的机会。 阅读新闻 (More)
Summer E-Newsletter Preview
Summer Greetings!
Warm greetings from Kansas!!! While you are relaxing on your vacation or at home, please take a moment to enjoy our e-newsletter and learn the progress of veterinary education collaboration between Kansas State University and our partners in the U.S. (More)
Student highlights and awards
“Every year, our students make us proud, and this year was no exception.  They represented our program brilliantly across and beyond campus.  The graduating class of May 2015 was a particularly strong cohort with many students with distinctive colleg (More)
From the other side of the tassel
During their last few weeks as undergraduates, the new alumni of our department were asked to share their experiences via a survey and meeting with Allen Featherstone, department head.  The following is a snapshot of their future plans and advice for (More)
Melissa Lynes earns College of Agriculture Richard Elmore Brown award
Melissa Lynes is the 2015 recipient of the Richard Elmore Brown College of Agriculture Graduate Student Teaching Award, which was awarded based on her teaching success as a graduate student. “I was extremely honored and humbled from winning th (More)
Bryan Schurle and Christine Wilson awarded for excellence
College of Agriculture Mugler Outstanding Teaching Award College of Agriculture Faculty of the Semester More)
Department News
Risk and Profit Conference Topics More)
Save the Date! 2015 Scholarship and Awards Banquet
Scholarship and Awards Banquet When: Friday, Sept. 18, 2015 Where: Bluemont Hotel Alumni Tailgate When: Saturday, September 19, (More)
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