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Join us on Social Media!
The CFT program now has a public facebook page and anMore)
Ethical environments of CPAs – public accounting versus industry
Who perceives the ethical environment of their firm/company as stronger – CPAs employed at public accounting firms or (More)
Small trades make a big impact
Research by Hardy Johnson, assistant professor of finance at Kansas State University, has examined the rising proportions of small trades (defined to be trades under 100 shares, or odd lot trades), their impact on markets, and their use in various tr (More)
I am self-protective, self-centered and status conscious: Can I be an effective leader?
Assistant professor of entrepreneurship Saurav Pathak takes a look at the way cultural orientations can endorse dif (More)
Are your employees fully engaged?
A recent study from Edward Nowlin, marketing professor at Kansas State University looks at what influences employees' job engagement, and how managers can best increase job engagement in their employees. Research By: More)
Are committees more perceptive than individuals?
Forming a committee or task force is a common response to business problems, but is that always the best course of action?  More)
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks are a fast-paced, highly energetic delivery style that was first introduced at the 2011 4-H Military Partnership Meeting. Based on the positive responses to these talks, the planning team has once again included them in the 2017 agend (More)
Share Fair
This is your opportunity to showcase a new or existing program, camp experience(s), how to develop effective partnerships, highlight a research project or evaluation tool, or show off a new best practice for military youth programming strategies. For (More)
2017 4-H Military Partnership Meeting - Suggestions for Workshop Topics/Ideas
Did you attend a workshop at a conference recently that inspired you to: work more effectively, implement a new strategy, use a new curriculum or mission mandate (Healthy Living, Science - STEM/STEAM, Citizenship) with a youth audience; learn a (More)
Webinar Opportunities
Here are some webinar opportunities on the latest youth research. University of Minnesota/Extension Center for Youth Development Understanding Our Own Biases to Better Interact with Youth Program Planning + Volunteer Systems = Opportunities (More)
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