Kansas State University


Department of Marketing

Annual Marketing Advisory Council meeting held

Report from Esther Swilley, Interim Head of the Department of Marketing

This year’s annual Marketing Advisory Council on October 7th was a great success. Instead of talking to our council, we had the council talk to us. Starting with an introduction to academic research, faculty and advisory members were put in to groups to discuss what is happening in marketing, how to mesh their needs with our research activities, partnering opportunities, and how to brand the marketing department.   Faculty members were given Post-It Notes to write down information. These notes were then posted so that the room could discuss each topic. Everyone commented afterwards that it was a great meeting because each side went away with more understanding of what is happening corporately and academically.

The Marketing Advisory Council provides an essential link with both the business community and our alumni. The advisory council is 20 years old and has been a great resource for students, faculty and the companies themselves over these years.  The department benefits from the advisory council by seeking their advice on curriculum and other educational matters.  We want to keep producing high quality graduates, so we use insights from the advisory council members to keep our classes relevant.  Advisory council members benefit largely in the area of recruiting students because the advisory council members are very visible to our students.

If you are interested in being a member of our Department of Marketing Advisory Council, please contact me at esthers@ksu.edu.