Kansas State University


Department of Marketing

Walker Receives Kansas State Bank Outstanding Teaching Award

The College of Business Recognition and Awards Committee has chosen the recipient of the 2017 Kansas State Bank Outstanding Teaching Award: Dr. Doug Walker, associate professor, department of marketing.  Walker’s high Teval scores are impressive, but even more so are the comments from the students on those evaluations. Following are some examples of the comments:

  • Favorite professor ever!                          Doug Walker
  • Doug Walker is the perfect example of what a caring professor looks like.
  • Doug is one of my favorite professors at K-State!
  • Dr. Walker is one of the best professors I’ve ever had.
  • Best teacher I have had at K-state.
  • Mr. Walker is the best instructor at K-State!
  • Professor Walker is my all-time favorite professor here at K-State.

These are only a few of many student comments that demonstrate the positive enthusiasm of Walker’s students. It is clear that the students are very appreciative of his efforts.