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International documentary premieres on April 7

"Vale la Pena: Revolutionizing Hearts, Minds and Communities" premieres  April 7.
“Vale la Pena: Revolutionizing Hearts, Minds and Communities” premieres April 7.

The College of Education and its partners are announcing the premiere of an international documentary based on a teacher education program that will change innumerable lives.

“Vale la Pena: Revolutionizing Hearts, Minds, and Communities” will premiere April 7 at 2:30 p.m. in Forum Hall. The documentary, which translates to “Worth the Pain,” was made possible through a joint effort among the College of Education, the Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy, K-State Global Campus, the Office of International Programs and the Ecuadorian government.

Join us or watch via live stream to discover how nearly 40 voices unite to tell one unique and heartfelt story about this inspiring international partnership. Hear first-hand accounts of why these ESL teachers who are part of Ecuador’s Go Teacher program would leave behind their country, friends and families for a year in the quest to become better teachers.

For more information about Vale la Pena, watch for updates on Instagram and Twitter at #ValelaPenaKState.

Ecuador turns to K-State to create English Language Center

Dean Debbie Mercer and Héctor Rodríguez Chavez, general manager of YACHAY E.P., sign a Memorandum of Understanding establishing this exciting educational partnership.

An exciting three-year program gets underway this spring when a group of eight College of Education instructors and a director spend a year in Ecuador to establish the English Language Center at a new university.

The Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy, or CIMA, is spearheading this effort at Yachay University, which means city of knowledge. This partnership is the result of CIMA’s role as the lead institution for the Go Teacher project. When Ecuadorian leaders decided to build a brand new university, they turned to the College of Education at K-State to create the English Language Center.

“The purpose of this program is to develop a research-based and innovative curriculum and program model to teach English to entering, first-year, Yachay University students,” said Socorro Herrera, CIMA director. “The main goal is to prepare these students with the English literacy skills and content language proficiency to take courses in both languages.

Yachay is expected to attract top students and faculty from around the world, and this international visibility and impact will support many of the college’s K-State 2025 goals and objectives.