Kansas State University


College of Education

In the Classroom…LOTS of Classrooms, Actually

It seems as though quite a few KSU College of Education graduates are staying right here in Manhattan! Here’s a photo of the new teachers with USD 383 Manhattan-Ogden taking a break from preparing for the new year by showing their K-State pride.

Others, though, are traveling to various parts of the state and beyond to begin their careers.

Name: Adam Bliesner, shown above being welcomed by his principal, Shawn Koehn (left)

School district: USD 419

City/State: Canton, KS

Class/content area taught: Secondary Business Education

What are you most excited about with your new career: “I am excited to start. I spent three and a half years getting my license to teach and now I get to apply my studies! I am excited to see where this teaching journey takes me.

What you enjoy most about teaching: “I enjoy the connection with students. I enjoy being a part of the student’s success in reaching their goals and dreams.”

In what ways has your school/district supported you? “My school has supported me by giving access to my classroom six weeks before school started and access to the educator that taught the content for 36 years! All the students and faculty I have met have received me warmly. The faculty has offered their support in anything I need. I have contacts for multiple teachers in the school and the year has not even started.”

What are some specific ways you believe KSU especially helped prepare you for your new career? “KSU gave me a firm foundation to build from. Foundations of education, teaching in multicultural society, exceptional students, and interpersonal relations in schools gave me the perspective of the challenges students face. Career and technical education exposed me to the benefits of technology in the classroom.”

What are specifics about your background that make teaching the perfect fit for you? “I am a United States Air Force retiree, and teaching is a perfect fit because it allows me to give back. I have been through and seen a lot of different places, situations and job changes. My experience allows me to connect, support and encourage the next generation of leaders.”

Suggestions/encouragement for new teachers: “The first year is difficult in any profession. It is like getting into a pool. The best way to get in is to jump in. Of course there is hesitation, apprehension and concern for the unknown. The hardest step is the first one. Remember why you decided to become a teacher, the work you put in to get your license and go for it!”

Other thoughts? “The education profession is special. There is a tremendous amount of support in and around education. There are other teachers, administrators, colleges, businesses, and organizations that desire to see you succeed and develop as a teacher. Use the support around you and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to start. All have been there. There are students waiting for you. They need you to learn. We all have something to teach. Teach it!”