Kansas State University


College of Education

In the classroom: Alexis McCormick

STEM teacher Alexis McCormick is set for a day of teaching.

Name:  Alexis McCormick

School district: Manhattan Ogden–USD 383

City/State: Manhattan, KS

Class/content area taught: STEM 3rd-6th Grade

What you are most excited about with your new career: I am most excited to be able to impact so many futures, I work with half of the student body, and I am able to make so many connections with the students. As well as teaching a subject that is preparing students for future career paths.

What you enjoy most about teaching: I enjoy the community of new teachers at my school, there are many of us and having a friend to rely on when times get tough, but what I enjoy the most is the hugs and smiles of my students.

Ways your school/district has supported you: My principal has made this transition into teaching unbelievably comfortable; she supports us and is always there to answer any questions that we have. The district is incredibly positive and it is nice to know that everyone’s heart and head is in this for the right reason.

Ways KSU especially helped prepare you for your new career: I feel that K- State prepared me for this career by providing incredible mentors through our professors. I learned early on the best way to do this job is to give 100%, but also remembering you cannot give 100% without taking care of yourself. The relationship between peers and professionals greatly helps with the transition into a career, and I felt very ready for all that has come my way so far

Specifics about your background that make teaching the perfect fit for you: I would not say that I come from a long line of teachers, but I come from a family who gives all that they have to the community. My mother is the owner of Manhattan locally owned business G. Thomas Jewelers, and her presence in the community through charitable giving and actions inspired me to want to affect change. My step-father is a lieutenant at the local police department, and he works to make the community a safe place for all who live, work, and travel to the community. I was inspired by my parents, as well as my grandma who was a teacher, and then worked in the K-State College of Education. She inspired me to believe the best way to make a change in the world is to love the kids first. Through all of these wonderful role models, I have become a teacher, and I am proud of the future that lies ahead of me.

Suggestions/encouragement for new teachers: Breathe. This career is what you are made for. Relax and let things fall into place, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a life-long learner.