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Personal Financial Planning

Achievements, activities and publications


Ann Coulson, PhD, CFP®, assistant professor, received an award in March from K-State Provost April Mason for her long-standing service to the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, GPIDEA, and outstanding efforts in tracking student assessment in the family financial planning master’s degree program.

Stuart Heckman, PhD, CFP®, assistant professor, was a recipient of the Best Applied Research Award at the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference last September in Boston, Massachusetts, for his research presentation “Financial catastrophes due to disability: which households are most at risk?”

Ronald Sages, AEP®, CFP®, CTFA, EA, PhD, assistant professor, received the Faculty Excellence Award through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, GPIDEA, for his contribution to the Case Studies course for graduate students in the Personal Financial Planning CFP® certificate program.

Martin Seay, PhD, CFP®, assistant professor, presented work by Sonya Britt, PhD, CFP®, associate professor, on “The influence of physiological stress on readiness to change and goal achievement” at the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference last September.

Cliff Robb, PhD, associate professor, was awarded $2,000 by K-State’s Office of International Programs’ College International Advisory Council for PFP International Programs Development, Enhancement and Networking.

Kristy Archuleta, PhD, LMFT, associate professor and personal financial planning program director, presented “Innovations in practice: using solution-focused and cognitive behavioral techniques and interventions to transform clients’ money behaviors and overall well-being” with  Joe Goetz and Lance Palmer, both of the University of Georgia, at the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, AFCPE, preconference workshop on behalf of the Financial Therapy Association, FTA, last November in Jacksonville, Florida.

Martin Seay, PhD, CFP®, assistant professor, was an invited speaker at the Financial Planning Association Retreat Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in April and presented “Evaluating mortgages as a source of leverage: theory and practice.”

Kristy Archuleta, PhD, LMFT, associate professor and personal financial planning program director, and PhD student, Derek Lawson, presented at the 2016 Financial Therapy Association Conference in May on the theory, research and practice of Solution-Focused Financial Therapy.

Elizabeth Kiss, PhD, associate professor and personal financial planning extension specialist, presented research, “Does Borrowing for College Make Sense? Implications from a Mixed-Methods Research Study,” with colleagues at the 2016 Family Economics Resource Management Association Conference in March in New Orleans, Louisiana.

George Belin, instructor in personal financial planning, submitted an Academic Excellence proposal that was funded $1,350 to support a student trip to Omaha, Nebraska, to participate in the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Stakeholders’ meeting April 29-30, 2016.

At the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education conference last November in Jacksonville, Florida, PhD students, Melanie Mendiola* and Julia Mull*, presented a research paper and Kate Meilitz*, presented a student paper entitled “Financial Education for Prisoners.” Meilitz’s faculty advisor is Morey MacDonald.

The PFP Advisory Board held its semi-annual meeting on campus in on April 28th, following the conclusion of the Insurance and Financial Advisers Annual Conference (IFACE).



George Belin visited Salina South High School and led a discussion with two Consumer Education classes entitled “Credit Card – Friend or Foe?” The focus was on educating high school students regarding some of the challenges many people face with credit cards and how to use them wisely.

Roxanne Martens and George Belin hosted an interactive booth as part of the K-State Polytechnic campus Sharing and Service event February 20th. The goal of the event was to increase the community’s awareness of campus programs, to create a fun environment for families and for community members to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Ann Coulson and George Belin took the K-State FPA members to the FPA of Greater Kansas City for the Career Day. This event provided students with the opportunity to learn more about careers in the Financial Planning field as well as to meet with prospective employers.

Sonya Britt and Stuart Heckman traveled to China over spring break to explore financial planning services and academia.

Kristy Archuleta and Morey MacDonald traveled to South Korea with the 2013 PhD cohort May 17–29, 2016.



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*Denotes doctoral students
** Denotes undergraduate students