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Category: Summer 2017

A Message From Our Program Director

By Kristy Archuleta, Ph.D., LMFT


PFP is always on the move to make K-State PFP the best in the nation! In fact, each year before the Fall semester begins, the PFP faculty and staff convene to evaluate our movement towards our strategic goals and identify the year’s priorities to keep us moving forward. It is my pleasure to share some of our program’s updates in this message! Continue reading “A Message From Our Program Director”

Where in the world were our students this summer? Summer Internships in 2017

By Connor Staats

Students were busy this summer with internships and holding their first jobs upon graduation. Here is a list of where some of our students interned this summer. A few of them were featured in the School of Family Studies and Human Services intern spotlight this summer.  Continue reading “Where in the world were our students this summer? Summer Internships in 2017”

Let’s Connect What We Do With What You Do! How to Read Research

By Dr. Sonya Britt-Lutter, Ph.D., CFP®

Have you ever wondered what professors do when they are staring at their computers? Teaching is the most commonly understood part of our job, when in reality we spend just as much or more time with research. So, what are we looking at on our computers? Probably a research article, a student’s dissertation, a statistics program, or a blank Word document getting ready to write about our own research. Continue reading “Let’s Connect What We Do With What You Do! How to Read Research”

Personal Financial Planning Academic Studies Help Financial Planners

Linda Leitz has her PhD in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University and co-owns the Peace of Mind Financial Planning in Colorado Springs, CO.

By Linda Leitz, Ph.D., CFP®, EA

As a growing profession, personal financial planning practitioners have the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the academic programs that support the profession. This includes supporting and hiring graduates from the certificate, undergraduate, and Master’s levels programs in financial planning. It also includes connecting research and practice by giving ideas for potential exploration to the academic community and to be consumers of research by gathering and implementing information from that research. Continue reading “Personal Financial Planning Academic Studies Help Financial Planners”