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Congratulations to John Woods!

Congratulations to John Woods on his retirement from the Division of Facilities after 17 years of Service.

John Wood greeting guests at his retirement reception in December.
John Wood greeting guests at his retirement reception in December.

“I said good-bye to a cherished supervisor when John Woods retired. John worked for Facilities for over 17 years and was, by far, a dedicated employee. Almost every night when I left, John would still be in his office working on his computer. He took time out of his hectic daily schedule to talk to his employees. Whether they needed advice on how to handle a situation or just needed encouragement, John would take the time to listen. . He very rarely raised his voice and if he had to correct an employee, he would correct them behind closed doors. He was very concerned about confidentiality. Many times John would go out of his way to keep an employee working even if they were having problems.  He would say that we needed to help them.

John Wood and Terri Wyrick
John Wood and Terri Wyrick

John always led by example. If there was an emergency, many times he would personally go to see the problem and help with the clean-up work. He would be gone for a long time and then come back and you could tell he had been doing the labor with his staff. I have had several family members work for John. Each one of them told me of a time when they were doing an emergency clean-up and John was there helping. John did not expect anything of his staff that he did not expect of himself. He said many times that all his supervisors and managers were working supervisors and managers. John proved over and over again that he was a working supervisor.

I have had many supervisors over the course of my working years and I can say that John was the most honest one I have ever had. He always conducted himself with honesty and integrity and I know he was well respected by many on campus. John will unequivocally be missed by me as well as many other members of our K-State community”. – Terri Wyrick, Senior Administrative Assist., Facility Services

Friends, family, & co-workers take time to honor John Woods at his retirement reception.

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