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Jeremy Sharp
Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy Sharp works as a Project Manager within K-State’s “Campus Planning and
Project Management” department. His responsibilities include managing small and capital projects as well as providing code consultation for other project managers. Jeremy’s favorite part of his job is getting a front row seat to K-State’s positive transformation;

“I enjoy seeing the improvements on campus as projects are completed”

Jeremy was born in Wichita, KS and grew up in Derby. He enjoys watching T.V., doing projects around the house, and being lazy (when possible). His favorite food is Mexican or pizza and his co-workers may be surprised to know that his favorite band is “Split Lip Rayfield”. His favorite movie is “Superstore”;

“Its hilarious. It’s like making a trip to the local Walmart and understanding everyone’s backstory”

In 2008, Jeremy traveled to Japan and lists it as his favorite vacation due to all the cultural diversity. However, at the end of the day, anyone who knows Jeremy knows he only bleeds purple. What’s his favorite part of K-State?

“I like the family atmosphere, but my favorite thing about K-State is attending the football and basketball games.”

Anne Murphy
Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy works in Central Mail Services as an Administrative Officer. Her responsibilities include overseeing and managing the Central Mail department. She has worked for K-State since August of 2012. Her favorite part about working at K-State is the people;

“…I have met some really nice people here”

Anne was born in Canonsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up right outside Pittsburgh in a small town called McMurray. She enjoys quilting, reading, and spending time with her six grandchildren. Her husband is a chef and she ‘loves to eat’ so choosing a favorite dish is tough, but if she had to choose it would be Chicken Parmesan. Her co-workers may be surprised to learn that, when she was younger, she loved to drag race;

“…talk about an adrenaline boost!”

Her favorite place to vacation is Branson, Missouri because of the friendly people and her love for the mountains. Although Anne is not really a ‘tv person’, her favorite show is “Last Holiday”;

“The character starts out shy and quiet but as she realizes life is short, she begins to take chances and learns how to be her true self”

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