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EXCELLENCE MEDALWe are thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate all members of our Facilities family that were recognized for their loyalty and achievements at the University Support Staff Recognition Ceremony held in the K-State Student Union Ballroom on April 27th as well as the All-University Awards Ceremony on May 2nd. We are so proud to be a part of your team!



Congratulations and “many thanks” to those who have devoted so much of their time and energy to the K-State community and specifically to Facilities. We wish you the best as you begin this next chapter in your life!

  • Andrew Bunel
  • James Manns
  • Lynn Salsbury
  • Philip Davis
  • Barbara McNutt
  • Michael Salsbury
  • Johnny Harper
  • Vincent Petre
  • Tong Stanley
  • Richard Kleiner
  • Michael Reasoner



Congratulations to those who have reached a milestone in their career with the K-State family. Your loyalty and dedication sets a great example for all of us!

Five Years:

  • Daniel Boller
  • Burt Pearson
  • William Zoeller
  • John Lehmer
  • Ruth Rowlands

Ten Years:

  • John Hofmann
  • Michael Mathews
  • David Stuhlsatz
  • Su Maloney
  • Anthony Stevens
  • Terri Wyrick

Fifteen Years:

  • Steve Bishop
  • Mark Fronce
  • Beverly Price
  • Ute Cruz
  • Kathy Henry
  • John Silva
  • Zunilda Dominguez
  • Brian Morgan
  • Shawn Wilson
  • Daniel Engelbert

Twenty Years:

  • Charles Bukacek
  • Mary Grubbs
  • Son Kutei
  • Andrew Bunel
  • Sun Johnson
  • John Lacy
  • Robert Crider
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Todd Neipert
  • Gregory Fief
  • Roy Jones
  • Allen Wege

Twenty-Five Years:

  • Ryan Holle
  • Hye Suk Stoddard

Thirty Years:

  • Rollin Coberly
  • Quentin Rawlins
  • Barbara McNutt
  • Janice Rood



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