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I have been a faculty member for 36 years and an administrator for 31 years in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design.  During my time at the university, I have worked with different crews and supervisors who were responsible for taking care of Seaton Hall.  As you can imagine, given recognition_greatjob_870x330the nature of studio-based education, Seaton Hall is not an easy building to clean and maintain.  The additional factor of 24-hour access means there is no time when the building is not occupied and truly “clean” if only for a few hours.  From my perspective, Seaton has to be among the more challenging buildings to clean and maintain on campus.

My purpose in writing is to commend Gerry and his crew for the excellent job they do communicating with administrators, faculty, staff and students and for doing excellent work!  Further, we all appreciate their understanding of the work our students must do to achieve excellence (that the work, more often than not, creates a mess) and their sense of humor and calmness.  The other characteristic, which closely parallels a characteristic that we are building in our students, is their collective willingness to go beyond the minimum expectations.  I am continually impressed with what the crew is able to accomplish with tight turnaround times and not a lot of people.

Please convey my appreciation for all that the Seaton Hall Crew does to help us meet our academic mission.


Lynn M. Ewanow, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, The College of Architecture, Planning & Design