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By Loleta Sump, Director of Customer Service

Last month’s article for the newsletter provided some basic no-frills information about the All University Campaign (AUC). This month I want to share more about the primary focus of this year’s campaign: YOU!

During the 2014 All University Campaign (AUC), I began my note to you in this way:

Let’s get the cold hard facts of reality acknowledged right up front! Many of you are now sighing (maybe even angrily) and thinking, “how dare they ask me for money when….” I’ll let you fill in the blank with your own personal thoughts.

 Well, it is 2016 and the cold hard facts haven’t improved!  That’s why, this year, our focus for the All University Campaign is on YOU!  Over the last couple of weeks Appreciation Events were held with the sole purpose of letting YOU know that K-State Appreciates YOU!


Thank you, Facilities employees, for all that YOU do for K-State!

  • YOU are the silent warriors, fighting every day to keep our university operational, clean and beautifully landscaped.
  • YOU are the unseen heroes who keep the Chill Plant running 24/7, come in during the middle of the night to mop up flooded areas or clear snow and ice off roads and sidewalks.
  • YOU are the dedicated individuals who pick up, sort and deliver hundreds of packages, periodicals and letter mail for faculty, staff and students every day or graciously respond to 1,500 plus phone calls, emails, service requests, etc. every month and create work orders for each one.
  • YOU are the steadfast teams who respond to those 1,500 work orders to meet the needs, desires and life safety issues of our campus community.
  • YOU are the “energy experts” who strive to identify ways to conserve energy and reduce utility dollars for the university.
  • YOU are the “behind the scenes” folks who procure the parts, paper products, etc. necessary to complete work orders, who pay the bills…and, oh, yes…make sure Facilities employees get paid!
  • YOU are the ones who support the campus community with vehicles for their travel needs and the ones who keep university vehicles running.
  • YOU are the overseers of campus construction projects, academic and special event schedules and a myriad of other tasks crucial to the success of Facilities and K-State.

So, whether or not you can contribute $1.00 or more to the All University Campaign, we want you to know that we understand and appreciate what you do every day to ensure that K-State keeps on “keepin’ on.”



As a reminder…

  • If you do decide to contribute, literally hundreds of funds are available from which to choose.  Some that might be of interest to our Facilities folks are:
    • Campus Beautification Fund C19100
    • Center for Child Development Learning Environment C28708
    • Division of Facilities Development Fund C22483 
    • Geosciences Building Fund F26376
    • Hoeflin Stone House J27285
    • Classified Employee Opportunity Fund  C21151
    • K-State Wellness Program – Live Your Best C29421
    • University Support Staff Fund C21151
  • If you are a Facilities employee and donate even $1.00, your name will be entered into a drawing for four K-State Football tickets to the KSU vs KU game on November 26, 2016 (Section C, Row 40) complete with parking pass.  These were graciously donated to Facilities by Jill Shields from Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • K-State faculty or staff who participate in the All-University Campaign before

Nov. 18, 2016 will be entered into a weekly drawing.

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