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ROY JONES (Painter Senior, Paint Shop)

Dear Division of Facilities,

I work in the Building Services department of Hale Library. And I wanted to let you know that Roy Jones has been doing exemplary work for the library. He really goes above and beyond his responsibilities. Within the last couple of weeks especially he has really helped our custodial crew out with some of the patron requests that he received. Such as: a patron had spilled a drink all over a table that was next to the section of wall he was painting. Instead of tracking down the custodian responsible for that floor he took it upon himself to go ahead and clean up the spill. recognition_greatjob_870x330Then about a week later, he was working in a graduate study room patching and painting the walls in there, and the trash needed to be taken out because it did not smell particularly pleasant and again he just took care of it; and then he asked me if I had any room spray to make it smell nicer. He doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone and if he sees a problem he is willing to fix it.  Every interaction I have with Roy is always a pleasant one, because he is a refined gentleman. I would like his supervisor to know that we love having Roy Jones in the library and his work is top notch.  Roy is an all-around excellent person and we appreciate everything he does for the library.

-Jesica Thornton, Building Services – Hale Library



WENDY SCHLESENER (Administrative Assistant, Motor Pool)

Congratulations to Wendy Schlesener for her 1st place finish in K-State’sfirst-place Movement Challenge for Fall 2016. She averaged over 31,000 steps a day during the 6-week event. Wendy attributes her active lifestyle to walking her “very active” Catahoula Leopard dog as well as being an avid cyclist.








During the President’s Appreciation Luncheon, several Division of Facilities employees were recognized for their loyal years of service to K-State:



Rollin Coberly – 30 Years

Gregory Fief – 20 Years

Roy Jones – 20 Years

Anthony Stevens – 10 Years

Robert Crider – 20 Years

Mary Grubbs – 20 Years

Su Maloney – 10 Years

Michael Mathews – 10 Years

Quentin Rawlins – 30 Years

Janice Rood – 30 Years

Terri Wyrick – 10 Years

John Lacy – 20 Years

John Hofmann – 10 Years

Timothy Johnson – 20 Years

Allen Wege – 20 Years





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