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Our team would like to express our appreciation to Juan Ceja
for the installation of the electrical boxes and conduit for the new Durland 1041 A/V system. He installed the boxes, conduit and even went as far as to add pull string that allowed our team to easily pull our A/V wires through the conduit and connect the system. His extra effort to make the install go as smoothly as possible is greatly appreciated!

– Kevin Shippy, ITAC



Dear Loleta, 

I wanted to share with you that I had a very great experience with Tim (Goyette), our facilities custodian assigned to Fairchild Hall. Other than an occasional “hello”, Tim and I do not converse much. However, today I had a nice conversation with him.

 Tim indicated that he thought my office in 304 Fairchild looked different. I shared with him that I was going to be working remotely sometime in January and that I had just returned from a 10-day international trip. While I was absent, some work was done in my office and the contents of my desk drawers were put in boxes on the floor.

 Tim told me that the boxes on the floor were next to, and on top of, the recycle bin. Tim used very good judgement in discerning those boxes did not look like they were “recycle” items.

He decided to wait until I returned to the office and he would then ask about their status.

I thanked him several times and complimented him for discerning that, indeed, those boxes were NOT recycle items and that he was very smart to think twice about leaving them alone until he had a chance to ask me if they were recycle or not. I am very grateful to Tim that he used great judgement in knowing NOT to throw the personal contents of my desk drawers in the recycle bin.

 I wanted to make sure that you knew this and passed this along to Tim’s supervisor. I hope that you have a great Christmas holiday.

-Mary K. Pyle, Office of International Programs

Shelly Hauck and her moving crew did an excellent job moving our Apparel Design Equipment. We are very appreciative of the extra prep time and moving time they took to ensure that everything was moved safely. Many Thanks to all!

-Gina Jackson, Apparel Textiles & Interior


Many thanks and Happy Holidays to Hye Suk Stoddard, Custodial Specialist, from her friends in Dole Hall!

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