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Payroll Reminder…

By Human Capital Services

Employees who earn eight hours of vacation leave per pay period will not accrue vacation leave on the following dates:

  • Pay period ending May 20 — paid June 2.
  • Pay period ending June 3 — paid June 16.
  • Pay period ending June 17 — paid June 30.

Full-time employees who earn at the eight-hour rate will have earned their maximum 176 hours for fiscal year 2017 and will not begin accruing again until the beginning of fiscal year 2018 — June 18-July 1 pay period.

New or part-time employees who have not met the 176 hours will accrue for pay periods ending May 20 and June 3, but they will not accrue for pay period ending June 17 since it results in the third paycheck in the month of June.

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