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By Heather Mills, Assistant Director Space Management

With another space migration project complete, we begin another round of trading spaces. The relocation schedule located in the chart below details the departments that were allocated space and what buildings will be affected by each move. The space migration process has allowed the university to make strategic, transparent space changes that provide long-term benefits to campus and help the university reach its long-range goals.  This is the third space migration process we have gone through on the Manhattan campus with very few proposals resulting in vacated space. As a result, we will be transitioning to a more informal process for space requests to allow more space allocations to occur throughout the year. More details on the new process coming soon!



Recently an announcement was made in K-State Today about campus Space Surveys and many people may be wondering what the purpose of this survey is and how it benefits their department or unit. The Space Management office uses a variety of tools to monitor the quantity, type, allocation, and utilization of space on campus. With all of the movement that happens throughout the year it can be difficult to track all of the changes and keep our database up to date. For that reason, we have implemented an annual Space Survey to provide current and accurate space data.

The Space Survey formally documents how the University space is used and by which department. Each college or department will be asked to review their current space inventory to verify room functions, floor plan accuracy, and department space allocations. It is the responsibility of each Dean, Department Head, or Administrative unit leader to ensure all of their units provide the requested information. The space management department greatly appreciates the participation of each department/college unit in this survey. The survey provides valuable data for space planning, master planning, facilities maintenance, and mail services. Not only does it provide accurate data for the university, it also helps secure federal research reimbursements and is used in internal/external reporting and analysis.

For more information on the Campus Space Survey, please visit the website at     http://www.k-state.edu/facilities/projects/space/survey/.

For additional information regarding space allocations or space surveys please contact the office of Campus Planning and Space Management.

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