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The Division of Facilities encourages and welcomes positive suggestions that contribute to the improvement of our department. Possible ideas for submissions may include ways to:

  • Improve the work environment
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve or update policies
  • Improve safety protocols
  • offer your own idea!

Great Ideas Start Here!


Is it possible to have a refrigerated foods vending machine (soups & sandwiches) in the Dykstra Breakroom?

Five Star vending is our vending machine provider and generally decides the type and location of their vending machines on campus. Most of the business they received from their refrigerated vending machine in Dykstra Hall was from our employees in the building maintenance shops. When most of that group moved up the hill, the refrigerated vending machine in Dykstra began to lose money. Eventually, Five Star removed the machine and placed it in the Annex.

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