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TO BILL SPIEGEL, DIANNE SPIEGEL, KELLY WHITEHAIR, & MARK WHITEHAIR for creating another successful Homecoming Float for the Recycling Department! The two banners on either side of the float describe what K-State recycled in 2016.

Left-Side Banner: “In 2016, KSU diverted 99,643 pounds of food waste and additional organic matter that were turned into rich compost used through-out Campus”

 Right-Side Banner: “Last year K-State recycled 1,987,117 pounds of waste which means we diverted 30.94$ of our campus waste from going to the landfill”



…to THE BUILDING MAINTENANCE ZONE 4 TEAM (Galen Hageman, Arturo Sias III, Brent Kolterman, Josh Seward, Erik Bergstrom, Parker Dean, Steve Jones, Josh Ricker, Anthony Stevens, Roy Jones, & Lex Pearson) for their outstanding service to the Campus Creek Complex!

Hello Gentlemen,

 I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the efforts put in by Facilities Zone 4 employees. Since the University has established the Zone grid, it is my opinion that when I call with a need for assistance, the person that comes knows exactly where to go and what to do, not to mention I recognize them (which is actually important in my building, since we have a higher confidentiality code due to clinics). The Facilities employees are sensitive of our need for confidentiality. They always check in so we know who is in the building. They continue to update me on the status of the work being done, which reduces the phone calls to their office or Service Desk office. The response time is quite prompt, and the results of their work is very satisfactory. As a matter of fact, we have a new Zone 4 worker, Anthony Stevens, who came in this week to change out filters, and replace light bulbs. While he was here he also vacuumed out the light fixtures (bugs) and wiped the canister lights (fingerprints), making our clinical areas appear more sanitary. Josh Ricker, GMRT, is also quick to respond, and does an excellent job with our lighting needs. We’ve called in many room temperature issues, and Brent Kolterman and/or Art Sias show up and save the day. It’s amazing they know what to do, and how to troubleshoot! Steve Jones does excellent work with our structures, which we’ve had several items needing hung on walls, or repairs. He’s a good carpenter! Josh Seward and Erik Bergstrom are our master plumbers (also my heroes!) Parker Dean, our electrician, takes very good care of our electrical needs. And then with Galen Hageman at the helm, things run smoothly. Anytime I call him for something he calls me back promptly, and is very patient, gracious, and knowledgeable.

While I’m at it, I’d like to say it’s always a pleasure to call the Service Desk, and get Joy, Cody or David on the phone. You couldn’t pick better people for that position!

 I saw this posted in a FM News online (see below), and I couldn’t agree more. I have worked at Kansas State University for over 30 years, and have never had more confidence in facilities services than I do in the Zone 4 Team! Thank you Facilities!               -Becky Wolfe, Speech & Hearing Center



…to GARRETT HEATH, JOSEPH ALTER, CHRISTIAN GREY, GEORGE LEROUX, AND TIM BRUNNER for achieving certification as Class-3 Operating Engineers and becoming licensed through the Society of Power Engineers!

           (left to right: Garrett Heath, Joseph Alter, Christian Grey,             George LeRoux, and Tim Brunner)


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