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Happy Retirement!

Congratulations to several members of our Facilities Family who have reached that beautiful season of life called, “RETIREMENT”! We are grateful for your valued years of service and we wish you all the best as you begin this next chapter in your life! 


Marvin Heck, Custodial Specialist


Marvin worked at K-State for 5 years in Custodial Service. He made a big impression in a short amount of time as a friendly presence. His co-workers described him as a great joke teller and always kept them laughing. Although he enjoyed the lighter side of life, he was a quiet and dedicated worker. He was known as someone you could count on in an emergency or when extra volunteers were needed for a job. He loved working for the students and occupants of the buildings he maintained.



Clifford Williams, Custodial Supervisor Senior

Clifford worked at K-State a total of 29 years and worked for  Custodial Services 27 years. Although Clifford did not intend to stay long-term within the Custodial department, he found it to be a very fulfilling career he really enjoyed. His own experience led him to encourage his crew to “stick with it” and consider a career within Facilities Services. His smile, generous spirit, and friendly personality will be missed by all of us!


Mark George, Project Manager


Mark worked in K-State’s department of Campus Planning for 8 years. He managed several projects including the Engineering Phase IV Expansion, which received the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from Associated General Contractors of Kansas, Inc. in 2017. Mark is described by his colleagues as detail-oriented and an “outside the box” thinker. He was often able to present truly unique solutions to various problems. We wish him all the best as he begins a much-deserved retirement!




Sue Maloney, Custodial Specialist

Sue worked for K-State a total of 13 years and worked for Custodial Services 11 years. She is described by her colleagues as an amazing employee who was very friendly and always had a big smile on her face! She was well-loved by her co-workers and the occupants of buildings she maintained. She will be greatly missed!


Hye Suk Stoddard, Custodial Specialist

Hye Suk worked a total of 28 years at K-State in Custodial Services and Vet Med Custodial Services. Hye Suk was known for her generosity, amazing work ethic, and ability to problem-solve. In addition, she loved helping out co-workers that may be falling behind. Her building occupants would tell you she always went “Above & Beyond”.









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