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Campus Departments Generously Respond to Hale Library Restoration

K-State proves its sense of family, once again, in the face of adversity. Several departments are stepping up and offering to share space with over 100 displaced employees due to the fire in Hale library. In addition to Library staff, other departments housed in Hale include the IT Help Desk, Media Development Center (MDC), and Network & Telecommunications Services (NTS). A complete listing of where these departments have been re-located can be found in the June 8 edition of K-State Today or by clicking on the following link:



IT SERVICES are temporarily located in the following locations:

IT Help Desk – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union) 

Network Operations Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Telephone Operators – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Client Services / Desktop Support – KSU Student Union, Rm 204

Media Development Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Instructional Technology team – CBA, Rm 2116

Instructional Designer – Unger Complex, Rm 139

Tech Trainers/Communications/ETDRs – Unger Complex, Rm 139

“We appreciate all of the departments that offered temporary office locations for staff that were displaced by the fire”

-Heather Mills, Assist. Director, Campus Planning & Space Mgmt

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