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…about The Big Ten & Friends Utility Conference?

Colleagues from our Power Plant & Utilities division attended the Big Ten & Friends 2018 Utility Conference hosted by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, this annual conference allows Big 10 Schools and their peers to learn the latest about campus utility production, distribution, metering, and efficiency. It also provides a platform where peers from different universities can share successes and failures and help one another improve their operations. Due to the close location of this year’s event, K-State was able to send five members of our Facilities team to gain information and resources for improving efficiency and sustainability within our Utility Operations.


K-State Facilities employees attending the Big 10 Utilities Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, take a moment to take a picture in UNL’s stadium.


Pictured from left to right: Gary Weishaar (Energy Engineer), Tim Brunner (Power Plant Manager), Chris Falley (Power Plant Supervisor), and Roger Hageman (Power Plant Supervisor).  Troy Bronaugh (Zone 5 Supervisor) also attended the conference.


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