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The 1st Annual Facilities Car Show was a small, yet fun addition to the employee appreciation Festivities during the Facilities Family Picnic. Three cars and two motorcycles were entered, but rain on the morning of the show prevented the motorcycles from being displayed. A steady crowd passed through the show area.

Everyone enjoyed chatting about the cars, auto parts, past cars, and other tall tales. I want to thank everyone who helped me coordinate this event. Thanks to Lori Hayden, who was invaluable in developing the flyer and entry form, and emailing them out to the Division. Thanks to Jeff Barnes, director of Parking Services, and his staff for reserving a spacious area for the show. And thanks to Ryan Swanson and Ed Heptig for allowing me to try a new event.

I proposed the car show to our administration because I enjoy seeing someone’s unique vehicle in the parking lot and never have the time to talk to the owner about it. We have very diverse automotive interests across Facilities and I wanted to showcase that.

Please contact me next summer about entering your ‘ride’ into the 2nd annual Facilities Car Show!

Mike Paph, Zone 2 Supervisor

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