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Bill Spiegel (K-State Recycling Supervisor) and his team put together another great Recycling float for K-State’s Homecoming parade last month. This year’s Homecoming theme was,

“Little Apple, Big Entertainment.”

Pictured Left to Right; Kelly Whitehair, Willie Wildcat, Bill Spiegel (aka Elton John), & Dianne Spiegel.

Mr. Spiegel ‘& company’ designed this year’s float to highlight several local entertainment sites such as the historic Wareham Theatre and the contemporary Discovery Center. In the spirit of ‘entertainment’, Mr. Spiegel took the opportunity to dress up as entertainment icon, Elton John, while crooning along with well-known favorites such as “Rocket Man” and the lesser known “Recycle Man”….(ok, Bill just made that one up…)

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