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Happy Retirement!



Larry McCoy began working at K-State in 1986 when he worked in the Welding / Sheet Metal Shop. In 1999 he moved over to the Power Plant where he worked as a Boiler Maintenance Operator. Larry returned to Building Maintenance in 2003 to manage the Plumbing, Asbestos, Sheet metal/Welding, & Construction Shops. Congratulations, Larry!





Rollin Coberly retired after serving K-State for more than 33 years! Rollin began working in the Electric Shop in 1985 until his move to the Estimator’s Office in 1991. Rollin returned to Building Maintenance in our Construction Shop as an Electrician / Estimator. Congratulations Rollin!





Lyndle Slattery, Landscape Technician, retired from Grounds & Landscaping after working with Facilities for 24 years. Congratulations Lyndle!






Don Nanninga, Carpenter, retired from the Construction Team after working with Facilities for 20 years. Congratulations Don!






Glen Rubash, GMRT Sr for Zone 3, retired from Building Maintenance after working with Facilities for 7 years. Congratulations Glen!




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