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Many Thanks!..

…to DEBBIE ERICKSON for all she does to keep Leasure Hall looking great!

“Debbie is awesome…she is professional, personable and friendly, often going out of her way to be helpful. Leasure Hall has never looked better. We’re very glad to have her!”

-Maggie Cody, Office Manager for Chapman Center for Rural Studies










… to MARLA CAIN for all she does to keep Holton Hall looking great!

“We are writing to register our profound appreciation of Marla Cain, a Custodial Specialist on your staff. She takes wonderful care of our building and offices. She brings a great attitude to her work and takes time to check in on members of our staff to ensure everyone is doing well. We appreciate her work, collegiality, thoughtfulness, and contributions to a wonderful workplace!”

-The Academic Achievement Center Staff (Katie Pierce, Jessica Kerr, Avery Broccolo, RJ Youngblood, Nidhi Bhandari, Ellen Clayton, Javier Martinez, Rebeca Paz, Kiley Moody, Micah Dulac, Diamond Sampson, McKenzie Cox, Gavin Colton, Allison Dulac, and the MC Ambassadors)

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