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Change is Constant

By Linda Craghead, Director of Custodial Services

My third grade teacher taught me that there is only one constant in life…CHANGE. This last year has been filled with change for myself and our K-State Family.

This past April, I was given the privilege to return to K-State (my alma mater) as the Director of Custodial Services. Though my professional background is in management, it did not include a tremendous amount of ‘industrial cleaning’ experience specifically. Fortunately, I have been blessed with an amazing team of people who have been willing to teach me the tricks of the trade. Although I still haven’t quite mastered the 17” scrubber, my attempts were quite entertaining (just think “steer wrestling”) to our Kedzie Custodial Crew!

Our Custodial Team has also experienced a great amount of change over the last several months. In addition to transitioning to a new management style of a new director, our department has gone through a reorganization of current resources. These changes often resulted in our staff being assigned to new buildings and even a new manager and/or supervisor. Additionally, the team has had to learn how to operate new equipment, implement new procedures, and use new chemical treatments. (Left: The Ahearn Team receives classroom instruction)


New equipment began arriving in June, replacing many machines that dated back into the early 80’s.  In addition to traditional scrubbers and buffers, new technology such as Kaivacs, Omni-Flex, backpack vacuums, and I-mops were purchased, which will allow for increased efficiencies – working smarter, not harder. Prior to issuing the equipment, each team member was trained on the proper use and care of each piece.(Right: Dan Boller receives hands-on training)

As students and faculty come back to school, they will see the results of another change. Over the summer, we began using a product that has transformed the appearance of several buildings on campus.  Check out the floors in McCain Auditorium lobby, Eisenhower, CardwellLeasure, English Counseling and many others on campus. They shine with a brilliance they haven’t seen in years!  The transformation of the floors was completed in a fraction of the time it has taken previously, making the process much easier for our team and the building users.


In an effort to enhance the safety and well-being of those on K-State’s campus, the custodial team will soon begin utilizing an innovative electrostatic sprayer technology. This Total 360 System will kill off 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Hepatitis B/C, influenza A, measles, mumps, MRSA and even Athlete’s Foot Fungus. The technology will be used in restrooms and locker rooms, on drinking fountains, and touch points such as elevator buttons and desks, resulting in a healthier environment for all. To learn more about the technology, watch the following video at:


As summer ends and fall begins, K-State will continue to experience many changes. New students, new faculty, new staff and new coaches will be making K-State “home”. For those who are returning, please take the time to thank your Custodial Team if you see positive change as you make your way back into your classrooms and buildings. They are an amazing group of people who have been working hard to make K-State shine for YOU!


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