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Author: Adam Ukena

K-State Pride

Fall classes have officially begun.  It’s a hope filled day of excitement and K-State pride.  As if on cue the morning air has turned crisp and cool in the Flint Hills surrounding Manhattan Kansas. An unusually wet summer has blessed us with a full tree canopy and healthy turf grass along with the continued sounds of construction progress.

Out on campus seniors energized by summer internships strategically plan their entrance into the workforce, graduate programs and community service next spring.  Freshmen, having plotted a course for that first class this weekend now arrive early, meet mentors and make good impressions as they seek paths of discovery, discipline and leadership to follow their entire life.

Friendships are being forged.  Future business partners and community leaders will sit next to each other in class, share notes and form a study group.  Helping hands reaching out later in life will approach each other on the sidewalk, say hello then plan to meet later in the day.  A few will meet potential partners and discuss balancing family with career and dream of discovering the world together.  There will be challenges of time management for social schedules, rec center workouts, homework, term papers, critiques and tests – big time life decisions will be made.

Looking back in 10, 20, 50 years fond memories will mark their steps.  Memories set in time and place at K-State are now framed and inspired by the physical paths and places you help create and maintain for them every day.  Yes, we are truly here because they are here.  Additionally, I believe the K-State Family loves this place in large part because of the daily commitment by the Facilities Team to make it memorable.

It’s a great time to be at K-State and it’s about to get even better as we look ahead to opening some of the premier teaching, learning and research spaces in the country.  Our new Engineering Ph 4, Berney Family Welcome Center and College of Business Administration will be places of connection and transparency promoting student-to-student, student-to-faculty and faculty-to-faculty interaction that is second to none in an environment shaped by all of you serving daily on the Facilities Team.  Our new chilled water distribution project has strategically allowed us to accelerate the master plan development functionally as well as aesthetically by becoming more pedestrian centered in the core of campus.  And finally – as we look to kick off a renovation of both Seaton East and the Union we’ve set a high bar of capital improvement that will benefit campus for years to come.

As many of you know I’m quickly approaching my second year service anniversary and induction into the K-State Family.  With your help we’ve put some serious points on the board for K-State.  Campus feedback is overwhelmingly in support of the new Customer Service Desk and Maintenance Team approach because of the commitment you make to its continued success.  It’s also clear that our buildings are strategically planned and coordinated for the full life cycle of possibilities because of the new cooperative spirit between operations and planning.

There’s a lot more to do and my door is always open for your suggestions.  I’ve had the pleasure to visit personally with a number of you and have learned a great deal about your desire to see K-State be an even better place to come work each day.  I’m often told that a number of our positions don’t keep pace with market hourly rates – in many cases based on what I’ve experienced I would have to agree.  With that in mind you need to know that we are committed to working through these issues with the newly reorganized division of Human Capital to address funding gaps in hard-to-hire positions and look ahead for solutions to the anticipated findings of the job analysis questionnaires we all completed.

Thanks to all of you for being part of the Facilities Team.

Go Wildcats!

Ryan Swanson
Associate VP Facilities & University Architect

September Birthdays

1) Charlie Bukacek 17) Paul Savage
3) Kim Caffrey 18) Craig McConkey
4) Matt Henry 18) Betty Slattery
7) Alan Stevens 18) Elke Warkentine
7) Maria Lomibao 22) Chad Starr
8) Casey Lauer 22) Martin Jones
9) Jimmy Sester 22) Ruth Rowlands
10) Bill Glover 23) Sharon Slack
11) Josh Mackay 25) Allen Massey
11) Skip Davis 25) Jerry Rogers
11) Jay Gilmore 25) Marvin Heck
12) Gary Johnson 26) Jody Barry
13) John Lacy 26) Sandra Hoffman
14) Jeremy Sharp 29) Alan Brown
16) Doug Prockish 29) Al Seely
16) John Hofmann 29) Evans Pittman
17) Rose Hamilton

Thank You Letter

From Lynn Ewanow

I am writing to let you know that Mr. Gerry Negron and his crew, Lori, Susan, Wanda, Clifton, Gloria and Ricky, did a superb job preparing the first year studios for the fall semester.  While nothing in Seaton is “ordinary” in terms of caring for the building, the preparations for this academic year were extraordinary as the current spaces had to be completely vacated before the preparations for the new occupants (the first year students in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design) could take place.  While some of the work was accomplished early in the summer, there were still changes being made to the spaces up to one week before classes started which the crew had to work around to stay on schedule. Which, of course, they did!

Throughout the summer, everyone displayed the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, patience, diligence and humor as they worked to prepare the spaces for our students and faculty. They also communicated, very well, with my colleagues, and with me, throughout the process. The studios were prepared to a high order and ready for our students for the ENVD Welcome which was held on Sunday, August 23rd. There were approximately 180 new students and 50 returning students who held meetings in the studios that day. On Monday, nine faculty and 180 students started classes on the west wing. They are most appreciative of the well organized and very clean spaces.

I value the contributions made by Gerry, Lori, Susan, Wanda, Clifton, Gloria and Ricky to our Day of Welcome and to the first days of class on the third floor of the west wing of Seaton Hall as well the daily care they provide.


Lynn Ewanow

New Hires

Welcome to the Facilities Team!

August 10, 2015

Parker Dean
Parker Dean was hired as an Electrician Senior. He is working for Galen Hageman in Zone 4.


August 17, 2015

Tim Colston
Timothy Colston Jr. was hired as a Welder. He is working for Larry McCoy in the Construction Shop.
Spencer Slocum
Spencer Slocum was hired as a G.M.R.T. Senior. He is working for Travis Homeier in Zone 1.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith was hired as an Administrative Specialist. She is working for Loleta Sump in the Customer Service Desk.

About Me…

Joy KnutsonJoy Knutson is an Accountant I at the Customer Service Desk. She has worked for K-State for nine and a half years. She likes that K-State has a sense of community. At work she likes the fact that she learns something new every day and that it is very rewarding. Joy’s favorite project or work order to complete at her job is any that shows that the Facilities department has a great staff.  Her hometown is Leeville, Louisiana. Her favorite foods are crawfish or fajitas. She really enjoys camping, games, skeet shooting, and watersports. When asked what her favorite vacation spot is she said the Cayman Islands. Many people might be surprised to learn that Joy has been an ordained reverend for 17 years. Joy is currently reading Journeys magazine and her favorite websites are Sephora and Pinterest.

Larry McGee
Larry McGee
is the Director of Administration and Finance, which includes Employee Services, Finance, Procurement, Training & Safety, Motor Pool, and the Garage. He has worked for K-State for three years and about four months. Larry’s hometown is Smith Center, Kansas, however he would call Manhattan his hometown because he has lived here more than half his life. When asked what his favorite food is, he said, “Calories and Carbohydrates”. He really enjoys chasing his grandkids around and watching them play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and track. The most unique place that he has visited is Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin. The thing he likes most about K-State is the main campus and its historical beauty. He thinks that people would be surprised to know that he loves music. When asked what he is reading currently he said, “I usually read the back of my eyelids about 10:00 pm every evening.” Larry’s favorite website is att.net because it includes email, news, sports, entertainment, and games.

Family Day 2015

By Loleta Sump

Facilities Family Day was held on Friday, July 31, 2015 with a crowd of about 200 employees and their family members in attendance.  Jay Gilmore, facilities electronic control technician and event emcee, filled the air with music spanning several decades.  Balloon animals created by our very own Sun Johnson, Facilities Vet Med custodian, provided a festive ambiance to the event.  Children ran around with Batman masks, hearts, alligators, rainbows, a kitty or some other decoration painted on their faces…and even their arms…by Victoria L’Ecuyer, administrative specialist in Campus Planning.  The kids also had an opportunity to participate in a potato race, a cake walk and an egg hunt while the older “kids” played Bingo, cards or participated in a washer tournament.  And wouldn’t you know…right in the middle of the festivities, Willie the Wildcat made an appearance!  After the event, those that wanted to cool off went swimming in the natatorium.  Overall comments indicated that everyone had a good time!

The Division of Facilities extends a huge “thank you” to the following university departments that contributed to the success of the day:  Animal Science Meat Lab, K-State Athletics and Recreational Services.  Your support allowed us to show our facilities employees how much we appreciate them.

Larry McGee helping kids prepare for the potato race.
Pat Boss (left) and Jay Gilmore (right) at the DJ table.
Victoria L’Ecuyer at the face painting station.
Having fun with Willie!
Sun Johnson creating balloon animals.
Willie with the Waters crew.
Heath Larson and Brent Kolterman 1st Place winners of the washer tournament.
Terri Wyrick’s granddaughter with her hearts!
Josh Ricker and family.


Retirement News

Andy Bunel is recognized for his 20 years of service to Kansas State University. A party was held on July 30, 2015 to celebrate his service. Cake, peanuts, punch, and tea were served. Congratulations Andy!
Andy Bunel
Andy Bunel (History at KSU)
May 8, 1995 (Started)
July 31, 2015 (Last Day)
20yrs 2 months, 22 days

August Birthdays

2) Kim Lucky 12) Jason Glessner
2) Josh Webb 13) Paul Woodyard
3) Barbara McNutt 15) Rene Smalldridge
3) Greg Fief 16) Rollin Coberly
4) Steve Greinke 16) Larry McGee
4) Gayla Anderson 17) Patrick Hodgson
5) Kevin Minihan 17) Scott West
6) Wade Simnitt 23) Jim Chacon
6) Morris Olson 24) Thomas Terzi
6) Joy Knutson 25) Rob Learned
8) Nathan Sumners 25) Carol Wendland
8) Delmar Westover 26) Don Nanninga
9) Sun Johnson 26) Michael Paph
10) Dale Rivett 28) Phil Davis
10) Mike Dixon 29) David Stuhlsatz
12) Larry Rush 30) Ralph Ritchie

New Hires

Welcome to the Facilities Team!

July 20, 2015:

Doug Prockish
Douglas Prockish was hired as a Utility Worker. He is working for Joe Myers on the Grounds main campus crew.


Adam Shriner
Adam Shriner was hired as an Equipment Mechanic Senior. He is working for Jackie Toburen in Grounds Maintenance.


July 27, 2015:

Lori Hayden
Lori Hayden was hired as an Administrative Assistant. She is working for Casey Lauer.


July 28, 2015:

Tracie Bobian
Tracie Bobian was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Steve Greinke at the KDA facility.


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