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Shining a Purple Spotlight: Who is this New Director?

By Kevin Shindlbeck, Director of Facilities Services

Kevin Schindlbeck
Kevin Schindlbeck

I have simple philosophies about leadership as well as expectations for myself. I quote Ken Blanchard in stating, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” I don’t and won’t have all the answers. With that, here comes my disclaimer:

Nobody is perfect. I won’t always get it right the first time; maybe not even the second or third time. The key is getting it right or making it right – always striving for that.

For me, leadership gives vision and direction. Leadership requires actions that may be unpopular in order to fulfill the vision. Leadership takes self-discipline and composure. Leadership takes time to develop relationships with those you work with. Leadership takes a balance between personal and professional life. Leadership takes acknowledging diversity and the differing skills that each individual brings to the team. Leadership trains, mentors, and coaches providing opportunity for employee success.

This philosophy can be summed up by applying legendary, basketball coach John Wooden’s approach to my life, “Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.”

On a final note for those who have an itch they need to scratch through linking who I am with where I’ve been in the world, I originate from the Great Lakes area of the country. In my adult life, in addition to the Great Lakes, I’ve lived in the South, the Southwest, the Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. I have also lived in Central Europe as well as in East Asia. All these regions and countries have had some impact and influence on me, so don’t find it strange if by chance you might hear me say something that comes from one of these other locales.

I have returned to the Great Plains. Kansas is now my home. I am very enthused about being a member of the Division of Facilities and look forward to building positive relationships. I am proud to have been adopted into the K-State Family.


THANK YOU 10The Division of Facilities would like to thank the K-State Student Union Staff for all of their help and flexibility as we made last minute adjustments to our Family Day plans due to the rain.

We also want to thank all of the great Facilities Volunteers who helped with everything from setting up tables and chairs, supervising the kid’s activities, scooping ice-cream, acquiring donations for the raffle, cleaning up and everything in between! You are appreciated for helping to make the day a great success!

Happy Retirement!

Larry Haller

Congratulations to Larry Haller who retired July 15th.

Larry had a long career with K-State that spanned more than 27 years. After being hired as a Custodian in 1988 he moved on to work in the Roof Shop, the Carpenter Shop, and finished his career with more than 20 years as a Painter Senior in the Paint Shop. We wish Larry all the best as he enjoys his retirement years!



I2SL’s Heart of America Chapter is giving one scholarship to attend the 2016 I2SL Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO September 25 through 28, 2016. The scholarship will cover the costs of registration (not including preconference workshops), hotel, parking, and a one year I2SL membership. The scholarship does not include reimbursement for meals (though the continental breakfast and lunch served during the event are included in the registration fee) or optional events. The scholarship is open to any employee of a College, University or Public Agency working in the State of Kansas or Missouri. Deadline for applications is Monday, August 22, 2016.

 -Michelle Gangel, Vice President, AIA, LEED® AP     PGAVARCHITECTS

 Please e-mail Lori Hayden at LGhayden@ksu.edu for a scholarship application.



Kansas State University and the Kansas Association of Public Employees (KAPE) are currently involved in meet and confer (or negotiations) towards a new memorandum of agreement.  KAPE represents our Service and Maintenance employees and you are in that unit.Important_information_logo

Recently, the Kansas Board of Regents voted to allow an increased vacation benefit to USS employees of its institutions.  However, the law requires that the university and KAPE meet and confer (or negotiate) on mandatory topics of bargaining and we are in the process of doing so.  Any change to vacation accrual for employees in this unit will be effective after a successor agreement is finalized and approved by the parties, the Kansas Board of Regents and the Secretary of Administration, as required by state law.

Questions about the union’s position should be referred to the KAPE union president, Bill Glover, at buckiglover@sbcglobal.net or 785-770-9264.  Thank you.

 –Gary Leitnaker, Director of Labor Relations




(Policy change as described in K-State’s Policy and Procedures Manual/Chapter 6330)

.010 Introduction

This policy provides guidance to the University community regarding the procurement, use and possession of mobile devices and mobile device plans owned by the University.   The policy and guidelines have been developed to ensure compliance with State of Kansas policies and IRS policies.

.020 Policy

University funded mobile device plans may be provided when a department head has determined that the use is appropriate and needed.
Mobile device plans are not to be used for personal use.  All university funded mobile device plans will be monitored by the issuing department head to ensure compliance to University and State policy.


Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Division of Financial Services, General Accounting (/finsvcs/general accounting/) at 785-­532-­6202.




Our Building Maintenance crew is missing two 8-foot ladders that were requested for our Division of Facilities Family Day activities on Friday, August 5th. The ladders (labeled Zone 5) were placed near the fountain on Bosco Plaza early Friday morning. When our crew returned to retrieve them they were missing. If you have any information on where they may be located please contact the Facilities front desk at 785-532-1707 as soon as possible. Thank you!!


Employees of the Division of Facilities and their families enjoyed a day of food and fun at the K-State Student Union on Friday, August 5th. Bowling, pool, bingo, face painting, balloon animals, kids games, and Call Hall ice cream were just a few of the highlights and activities enjoyed by over 300 attendees. Facilities would like to send a HUGE “Thank You” to the K-State Student Union staff for accommodating all of our last minute alterations due to the rain. We also appreciate all of our hard working volunteers for helping to make it such a great success!




Facilities Kids enjoying having their faces painted and building marshmallow skyscrapers!


Facilities Directors prepare to dish out delicious Call Hall Ice Cream!

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