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By Allan Leikam, Director of Vet Med Facilities

Greetings from the College of Veterinary Medicine. As we approach the upcoming holiday season, the students head home and the campus exhales from a busy and stressful semester. However, it is just the opposite for all of us in Facilities. Here at Vet Med, we have been—and continue to be—at work in preparing the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Kansas State maintenance-1University Diagnostic Laboratory for their Accreditation Inspections. The reason for the Accreditation Inspection is to ensure quality, professional, veterinary education by conducting periodic accreditation reviews to determine the degree by which a college or school of veterinary medicine meets the standards of accreditation and its own stated goals and objectives.

To prepare for these inspections requires extensive planning and participation between Facilities, Vet Med departments, and the building users. On November 6-9, 2016 Kansas State University Diagnostic Laboratory had their accreditation inspection. Some of the things we did to prepare for the inspection included:

  • Stripped and waxed 26 Lab and Prep Rooms
  • Replaced all ceiling tile in Clinical Pathology (4000 Sq. Ft.)
  • Inspected and replaced all stained and broken ceiling tile in 26 Labs
  • Painted six restrooms
  • Painted all doors and frames in Necropsy
  • Various maintenance and small repair projects

This coming April, the College of Veterinary Medicine will have their AVMA Accreditation Inspection and review. Last spring, a committee of eight to 10 people were charged with developing a list and a plan that will enable us to be ready for the April 2017 inspection. Through that process we identified an extensive list of needs. Several of the major projects identified will need to be completed during the upcoming Holiday Break. At the present time, we have various projects including:

  • Mosier Hall J128 & 128A – Install new LED lighting, new floor covering
  • Mosier Hall – New floor covering
  • Mosier Hall Frick Auditorium – Remove curtains, paint, remove carpet stairs and replace with epoxy flooring
  • Trotter Hall 2nd floor lobby and stairwell – Remove existing wall covering and paint, install stairwell LED lighting
  • Trotter Hall 301 – Install LED Tunable lighting
  • Extensive floor work throughout Mosier, Trotter and Coles Halls
  • Power wash all exteriors on Mosier, Trotter and Coles Halls
  • Trotter Hall 104 – Remove existing study carols and sinks to prepare for the Third Floor Anatomy

The Facilities Vet Med Team must complete all the work listed above by the beginning of the Spring Semester while they continue to perform their routine cleaning and maintenance of all Vet Med buildings including the Hospitalthank-you I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for all their hard work and dedication as we prepare for such an important process.


Congratulations to Casey Lauer (Assistant V.P. Engineering, Utilities, & Maintenance) and his wife, Hannah, on the arrival of their baby girl, Tait
Autumn Lauer.
Tait was born on Thursday, November 17th and joins sister, Zoe (2 years) and brother, Jack (6 years) in their family of five!





Employees accruing under the Kansas Board of Regents leave accrual plan will not accrue vacation leave for pay period ending 12/17/2016 (paycheck dated December 30, 2016). Those affected include unclassified employees (12-month) and university support staff employees (excluding service and maintenance classifications). This is the third paycheck in the month of December and is not one of the 22 pay periods (176 hours) where these employees accrue. Please be sure to remind employees so they are aware.






Officially observed state holidays during the holiday period are December 26th, 2016 and January 2nd, 2017. The normal workdays affected during this period of campus closure are December 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th.

University Support Staff and Unclassified Non-Exempt Employees not required to work during this period may use a combination of the following types of leave:

  • Earned Holiday Time for working the Veterans Day Holiday
  • Calendar Year 2016 Discretionary Holiday
  • Accumulated Vacation or Compensatory Leave
  • Leave without Pay with supervisor approval

Twelve-Month Unclassified and University Support Staff Exempt Employees who do not perform duties during this period may use a combination of the following types of leave:

  • Equivalent Time earned for working the Veterans Day Holiday
  • Calendar Year 2016 Discretionary Holiday
  • Accumulated vacation leave, or
  • Leave without pay


Employees who still have their 2016 discretionary day must use it by December 31st, 2016. The 2017 discretion day will be available January 1st, 2017.










Jeffrey Sims was hired on November 14th as an Electrician Senior in Building Maintenance Zone 3. He is working for Shelly Hauck.













Marc Crosby was hired on November 28th as a Lock System Specialist in the Lock Shop. He is working for Ed Heptig.













Daniel Rhodes was hired on November 21st as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Quentin Rawlins

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