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Campus Planning Construction Project Update

By Diana Hutchison

Construction activities are in full swing this summer and have caused numerous road and side walk closures. You can find the most updated information on closures and pedestrian routes at http://www.k-state.edu/facilities/projects/projects/index.html. This page provides the current and estimated closures as well as links to information on current and proposed campus Capital Improvement Projects. A large map with the current closures and pedestrian routes is also available for viewing in the Customer Service Lobby in Dykstra Hall.

Construction Project Highlight – Chilled Water Plant & Campus Distribution Infrastructure Installation

As part of the 2025 initiative, Kansas State University is expanding the heating and cooling infrastructure for existing buildings while preparing for the expected growth in research facilities on campus. The Chiller Project includes installing chilled water lines throughout campus to create a utility loop and a new Chiller Plant building located next to the KSU Recycling Center north of Claflin Road. The Chiller Plant and utility loop will tie into the existing infrastructure and will allow for repair and maintenance of the system without affecting the surrounding facilities. The project allows for future building renovations to remove existing window air conditioners and link the existing buildings to the chilled water loop. As part of this project, 17th Street from College Heights to Claflin Road and Mid Campus Drive from Butterfly Lane to Old Claflin Road will become pedestrian malls and will be closed to normal vehicular traffic. Installation of infrastructure has been occurring on 17th Street this spring and summer. The 17th Street pedestrian mall paving will be complete prior to classes this fall with landscaping continuing into the fall. Mid-Campus Drive is scheduled to be closed at the end of spring semester 2016 for installation of infrastructure and will reopen as a pedestrian mall in fall of 2016.

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July Birthdays

4) Chris Slattery

6) Araminta Washington

7) Allan Leikam

9) Donnie Silva

9) Casey Daugherty

11) Charles Jackson

11) Clifford Anderson

12) Jim Nelson

13) Jill Serrault

14) Joe Brockish

14) Barbara Elliott

17) Bill Bochte

18) Tim Johnson

19) Gypsy Snyder

22) Jeff Fusselman

23) Dan Plummer

23) Kelly Guilfoyle

24) Jim Vesta

26) Derek Macy

27) Maria Thurmond

28) Randy Evans

30) John Harper

30) Beverly Price

30) Chris Hayden

New Hires

June 1, 2015                                                             June 18, 2015

Michael Dixon was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Araminta Washington at the Vet Med complex.
Michael Dixon was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Araminta Washington at the Vet Med complex.
Kelvin Atkins was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Stephanie Brecheisen on the Custodial day crew.
Kelvin Atkins was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Stephanie Brecheisen on the Custodial day crew.

Facilities Family Day

Food, Fun, Games, Prizes!

Date: July 31, 2015
Location: Ahearn Field House
Time: 11am – 2pm

Don’t miss your chance to win big prizes and enjoy some great food.

Facilities staff and their families are invited to come and enjoy some lunch & fun activities for the afternoon. Facilities will provide water, tea, & Kool-Aid to drink. Staff are welcome to stop by anytime between 11am-2pm. There will be fun for all ages so be sure to bring the family!

Please make sure you sign-up on the attendance sheets provided by the supervisors to let us know who’s planning to come join the fun!

See the attached flyer below for more information.

Family Day 2015


Thank You Letters

From Maxine Ganske in Paul Weigel Library

To Gerry Negron:

Thanks so much for the hard work and extra effort of you and Wanda to provide our small computer lab a carpeted floor! Wow, it looks so nice and hopefully will take care of the wax wear problem caused by the movement of the chairs. I really appreciate everything you do for Weigel Library. I try hard to provide the students and faculty of APDesign a nice, comfortable and inviting space and your team certainly helps me do that.

Thanks again, Gerry, for all you and your staff do for Seaton and especially for Weigel Library!

Maxine Ganske


From Virginia Houser at McCain

Dear Mr. Woods:

On behalf of the McCain Music Wing personnel, I am writing to bring your attention to Jonathan Bagwell’s exemplary work in our building. Jonathan has proven to be very hardworking and conscientious in his custodial duties and goes beyond the normal expectations of his position. He has taken it upon himself to bring attention to safety issues, including proper railings for a sight-impaired student in the department and appropriate placement of bike racks in icy weather. Jonathan is also diligent in keeping an eye on things askew around McCain. In one instance he repaired a framed poster in a hallway. I also have known him to clean areas in his co-worker’s part of the building while that person was away on sick leave last semester, giving particular attention to the crucial bathroom areas. I have also seen Jonathan help visitors find their way around the building.

Jonathan has also developed a caring rapport with the students; he’s a favorite of theirs! The accompanying poster was made available one afternoon for faculty and students to sign; it was filled with written support in a short time.

In summary, Jonathan exemplifies an excellent employee who’s not only a terrific custodian for his cleaning abilities, but also for his pride in the building’s upkeep and his caring for its staff and students. We all strongly support commendation and recognition of his stellar work.


Virginia Houser

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