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Trading Spaces

By: Heather Mills, Assistant Director Space Management

Several space migration projects have been completed over the past year which will provide multiple opportunities to bring departmental units together. Some might be wondering when the relocations will happen and who is moving where. You can find these answers and more on the Space Migration website. Detailed floor plans have been provided online to show what areas are affected by the space migration project. The goal of this process is to assist the university in reaching its long range goals and advancing the K-State 2025 Plans. See below for the relocation Schedule Overview.

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Heather 3



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Happy Retirement!

We want to extend our deepest congratulations to Larry McGee on his retirement from Facilities as our Director of Administration and Finance. A reception was held in Larry CakeLarry’s honor on Friday, May 27th and several friends and co-workers stopped by to offer their support and appreciation.

Larry retired as the first civilian director of the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Riley in June 2011 after a 30+ year career with the government. He accepted the position within K-States Facilities in Spring 2012. He was known for being extremely knowledgeable, a gifted people-person, and just a tad ornery. We will miss Larry immensely but wish him and his wife, Beverly, all the best as they enter this next chapter in their lives!

Larry and his wife, Beverly, open his retirement gift.
Larry and his wife, Beverly, open his retirement gift.

On the Move!

Cindy McNulty


Congratulations to Cindy McNulty on her promotion to Human Resource Professional I. Cindy’s new responsibilities include processing new employees and supervising our payroll department. Congrats Cindy!



Welcome to Our Team!

Jayme Cockrell
Jayme Cockrell

Jayme Cockrell was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Mary Grubbs.

Arthur Anderson
Arthur Anderson

Arthur S. Anderson was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Rod Hodges.

Shanna Nelson
Shanna Nelson

Shanna Nelson was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Rod Hodges.


The Department of Space Management provides comprehensive facilities space planning, space allocation, and facility data information for K-State. The purpose of space management is to ensure university resources are planned, maintained, and managed in a way that contributes to the university’s missions of research, collaborative learning, and effective space utilization. Space Management is a resource for many types of building data, including drawings, floor plans, room capacity data, and space utilization information. Our mission is to maintain accurate space data and make the data available to the university community as a resource for making decisions that positively impact Kansas State University. Our Department of Space Management is currently staffed by:

  • Heather Mills, Assist. Director Space Management (see feature article)
  • Victoria L’Ecuyer, Administrative Specialist
  • Patrick Hodgson, Engineering Technician.


  • What is a Space Survey? The annual Space Survey is administered by the Office of Space Management for the purpose of updating and maintaining the University’squestion mark Space Database. Each College or department will be asked to review their current space inventory to verify room functions, floor plan accuracy, and department space allocations. It is the responsibility of each Dean, Department head, or Administrative unit leader to ensure all their units provide the requested information.


  • What is the difference between a Space Request and a Room Request? A Space Request involves requesting a change to University space allocation. It isquestion mark submitted when a current department or college determines that additional space to their current allotment is required. A Room Request is needed for reserving an available campus room or facility such as a general use classroom or All Faiths Chapel. More information about Room Requests can be found on the Division of Facilities website:


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