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SPRING: An Opportunity for Perspective Adjustment

By Casey Lauer, Assistant Vice President

With the washing of sand and salt by the first spring rain – buds of new life are once again visible on the Camps landscape – and if crappie swam in Campus Creek, now would be time to float a bobber.

Green_Spring_Tree_PNG_Clipart_PictureDaylight savings time was March 13th, which will quickly erode the looming winter darkness; warmer weather bringing dew instead of frost, and evenings with crisp fresh air.

Just like the signs of spring, there are so many things within Facilities to be thankful for, dawning each new day with a spirit of hope and renewal once again.

In the area of Grounds, Custodial and Recycling, there is an opportunity to attract a qualified, talented individual for the Director’s position to provide leadership and guidance. There is a nation-wide search currently underway to fill this position.

Also, the Grounds team is now fully integrated into Dykstra as a home-base that is common for all campus coverage zones, instead of having different teams staged across campus. With the move, the Grounds team also has a much larger space to store equipment and supplies, with a separate work space to service equipment, unlike the previous cramped and crowded facility.

The Custodial team worked proactively to communicate equipment needs to enhance their efficiency of performing custodial duties, and are now enjoying the benefits of utilizing this equipment for cleaning and building upkeep.

The central steam and chilled water plants now have new leadership after a national search. K-State’s own Tim Brunner, was selected for the Plant manager position and has been intricately involved in the start-up of CP-2, the new chilled water plant on campus. As I write this, the chillers are being started for the first time in CP-2, and supporting equipment is being brought online to support the growing campus cooling load.

The Maintenance teams and supervisors are actively supporting work to update building controls and mechanical systems in nearly every building on campus. They have been heavily invested to ensure that the buildings they serve are being equipped with more efficient and responsive systems for them to manage and maintain.

New things are happening in other areas of Facilities – like the centralization of accounting functions and a new model for how the storeroom will operate.

As we conclude this week of spring break – I challenge you to reset. It becomes so easy to let the circumstances in life bog us down, and often times, I find myself worrying most about the things I can’t control, rather than the things I can.

It’s time to wash the sand and salt off to gain a new perspective.

It’s time for a re-set.

In The Spotlight: KSU Central Mail Services

mailboxBy Tammy Powers, Administrative Specialist for KSU Contract Post Office

Did you know that KSU Central Mail Services includes two functions?

  • A contract post office for the personal mailing needs of our faculty, staff and students
  • A mail center for the university’s business-related mailing and shipping needs


The Contract Post Office (CPO) is located in the west end of Dykstra Hall at 1628 Claflin Road.  The CPO is a full service post office for the United States Postal Service (USPS).  We offer:

  • Priority Mail Boxes
  • Express Mail Boxes
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes
  • Express Mail Flat Rate Envelopes
  • First Class Envelopes
  • Forever First Class Stamps (wide assortment)
  • Forever Postcard Stamps
  • Forever Stamps 2-ounce (wide assortment of various denominations)
  • Packing Peanuts

We also sell stamps to departments with an Interfund Voucher (IFV).  These include Forever First Class stamps, Additional Ounce, Postcard Stamps, coils of 100, books of 20, and $.01 stamps.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  You can obtain more information from our website at:  http://www.k-state.edu/facilities/operations/cms/ContractPostOffice.html or calling (785) 532-6306.


University business-related mail and shipping services are provided for departments year-round.  These services include:

  • Pick-up, sorting and delivery of interdepartmental and USPS mail
  • Applying postage and shipping labels on outgoing letters and packages
  • Automation Mail Service for mail that qualifies for postage discounts
  • International Mail Service
  • Address Management Service which offers assistance with change of addresses and forwarding of departmental mail

Vendors used for these services include:

  • USPS
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx International Courier Service
  • DHL (International Mail)

More information about KSU Central Mail Services can be found by visiting our website, http://www.k-state.edu/facilities/operations/cms/ or calling (785)532-7751.


Hye Suk Stoddard, Custodial Specialist working on the Throckmorton crew, received a holiday note and gift of appreciation from the Division of Facilities departments of Central Mail, Moving & Hauling, and the Paint Shop.


Thank you Card for Hye Suk Stoddard
Holiday Note of Appreciation for Hye Suk Stoddard from Division of Facilities’ departments of Central Mail, Paint Shop, and Moving & Hauling.


Michael Wopschall
Michael Wopschall

Michael Wopschall was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Stephanie Brecheisen on the Custodial Day Crew.

Bridget R. Henry
Bridget R. Henry

Bridgett R. Henry was hired as an Administrative Specialist. She is working for Anne Murphy in Central Mail Services.

Michael Rickenbrode
Michael Rickenbrode

Michael Rickenbrode was hired as an Electrician Senior. He is working for Michael Paph in Zone 2.

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