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By Diana Hutchison, Director of Campus Planning & Project Management

As the summer months approach and classes wind down, it may surprise many that this time of year can be the busiest for those of us working for K-State’s Division of Facilities. In addition to maintaining our current facility needs, indoors and out, we are full speed ahead towards completing several exciting projects that will be wonderful additions to our campus. Here is an update on 6 major construction projects that we will be focusing on in the months ahead.

The New Chiller Plant:  Jack Carlson, Project Manager 

DSCN1309Construction on the Chiller Plant building is substantially complete as of the second week of May. There will be a two week testing and break-in period before the New Chilled Water Plant will be operational for K-State staff at the end of May.


Installation of chilled water lines will continue this summer and will cause numerous road and side walk closures.

Starting May 16, road closures to Vattier and Mid-Campus Drive will occur (see below).

Map 16

map 16 B

You can find the most updated information on closures and pedestrian routes at http://www.k-state.edu/facilities/projects/projects/index.html

Maps are also available for viewing on a monitor in the Dykstra Customer Service Lobby.


The Berney Family Welcome Center:  Jeremy Sharp, Project Manager

east stadium welcome center

Construction to revitalize the historic East Memorial Stadium is complete and staff will begin moving in the week of May 16. This unique facility is one of the first in the county to provide a central location for resources used to welcome prospective and new students, as well as to provide career and employment services to students transitioning from college to career.  The Welcome Center Lobby includes an interactive video wall.


The College of Business Administration:  Mark George, Project Manager


This new 160,000 SF building will house the entire College of Business Administration. It will provide a 250 seat auditorium, 13 general classrooms, computer classrooms, specialized applied education classrooms, faculty offices, student collaboration spaces, college administrative offices, and support spaces. This building will be ready for classes beginning Fall of 2016.


Wefald Residence Hall:  Mark Taussig, Project Manager

Wefald Image

This new residence hall is located above the two story Kramer Dining Center and will connect to Marlatt and Goodnow Halls with bridges. Each residential floor will have three communities consisting of 14 double rooms, 2 single rooms, a study room, a break-out room, and bathroom facilities. Shared by the three communities on each floor is a kitchen and lounge area.  The building has a total of 540 student beds as well as director and assistant director apartments. The main floor will house a new dining center and a central lobby. There will be a laundry facility located on the first floor. Occupancy is scheduled for the Fall of 2016.

K-State Student Union:  Nelda Gaito, Project Manager

student union

This student funded project includes the renovation of the student government office, student organization offices, bookstore, and food service areas. The ground and first floors will be restructured to provide a more dynamic and student-focused Union. While food venues are currently closed in the Union for renovation, there are various eating choices available at food trucks located daily in Bosco Plaza. The ground floor construction has been partially completed and student offices, Union Marketing, Copy Center and K-State ID center are currently relocating to their new spaces on the ground floor.  The Union Computer Store is scheduled to open in its new location the first week of June.  Access to the Union will change throughout the renovation process. Visit Union.k-state.edu for building access updates.


EXCELLENCE MEDALWe are thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate all members of our Facilities family that were recognized for their loyalty and achievements at the University Support Staff Recognition Ceremony held in the K-State Student Union Ballroom on April 27th as well as the All-University Awards Ceremony on May 2nd. We are so proud to be a part of your team!



Congratulations and “many thanks” to those who have devoted so much of their time and energy to the K-State community and specifically to Facilities. We wish you the best as you begin this next chapter in your life!

  • Andrew Bunel
  • James Manns
  • Lynn Salsbury
  • Philip Davis
  • Barbara McNutt
  • Michael Salsbury
  • Johnny Harper
  • Vincent Petre
  • Tong Stanley
  • Richard Kleiner
  • Michael Reasoner



Congratulations to those who have reached a milestone in their career with the K-State family. Your loyalty and dedication sets a great example for all of us!

Five Years:

  • Daniel Boller
  • Burt Pearson
  • William Zoeller
  • John Lehmer
  • Ruth Rowlands

Ten Years:

  • John Hofmann
  • Michael Mathews
  • David Stuhlsatz
  • Su Maloney
  • Anthony Stevens
  • Terri Wyrick

Fifteen Years:

  • Steve Bishop
  • Mark Fronce
  • Beverly Price
  • Ute Cruz
  • Kathy Henry
  • John Silva
  • Zunilda Dominguez
  • Brian Morgan
  • Shawn Wilson
  • Daniel Engelbert

Twenty Years:

  • Charles Bukacek
  • Mary Grubbs
  • Son Kutei
  • Andrew Bunel
  • Sun Johnson
  • John Lacy
  • Robert Crider
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Todd Neipert
  • Gregory Fief
  • Roy Jones
  • Allen Wege

Twenty-Five Years:

  • Ryan Holle
  • Hye Suk Stoddard

Thirty Years:

  • Rollin Coberly
  • Quentin Rawlins
  • Barbara McNutt
  • Janice Rood






Each department of K-State selects individual(s) who have achieved a notable event that is significant in scope, effort or impact on department operations or service to the campus community. Two Facilities employees were selected for this year’s awards.

Chris CoyleChristopher Coyle is a Custodial Specialist

Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is an Administrative Officer within Central Mail Services



The USS Employee Opportunity Fund Meritorious Service Awards are given to USS employees who demonstrate exceptional leadership and/or extraordinary effort in their position which proves to be a valuable service to the K-State community. This year, 6 Facilities employees were selected for this honor.

Velder Booth
Jeff Fusselman
Jeff Fusselman







Maria Lomibao
Maria Lomibao
James Manns
James Manns







Tina Williams
Tina Williams
Bill Zoeller
Bill Zoeller













Josh Ricker
Josh Ricker

The K-State University Support Staff Award of Excellence recognizes exemplary performance and contributions of University Support Staff members who consistently excel in their positions and demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to the mission and values of K-State. Three award winners are selected, one from each of the following categories:

  • Office and Clerical
  • Technical and Professional
  • Service and Maintenance/Skilled Crafts

This year, Josh Ricker (General maintenance and Repair Technician Senior from Zone 3) was selected for the category Service & Maintenance/Skilled Crafts. Congratulations to Josh on this tremendous honor!




The President’s Award of Excellence for Unclassified Professionals fosters excellence in the workplace by rewarding and recognizing four unclassified professional staff members who achieve excellence and/or make exemplary contributions to the mission and values of K-State. The four award categories are:

  • Productivity, Creativity & Innovation Award
  • Team Building, Group Activity & Service to the University Award
  • Distinguished Accomplishment Award Category
  • Leadership Award
Jack Carlson
Jack Carlson

Jack Carlson, project manager in Campus Planning and Project Management, has been given the award for the category of Distinguished Accomplishment for his work coordinating and facilitating the many teams involved with the massive chilled water expansion project across campus.  Staff in the maintenance zones, building services, and ground teams who work with him are engaged, committed, and excited about positive outcomes and the integrity with which it has all been accomplished.  Many times, Carlson is the first in and last out of the office.  He is highly organized and has been out front and on top of the many fluid elements of the projects that arise.


Crystal Stewart
Crystal Stewart

Crystal Stewart was hired as a Custodial Specialist and will be working on the Cardwell Crew. She will be working for Steve Greinke.

Jonathan Hukriede
Jonathan Hukriede

Jonathan Hukriede was hired as an Electrician Senior for Building Maintenance Zone 3. He will be working for Ed Heptig.

Joseph Alter
Joseph Alter

Joseph Alter was hired as a Building Systems Technician at the Power Plant. He will be working for Tim Brunner.

Christian Grey
Christian Grey

Christian Grey was hired as a Building Systems Technician at the Power Plant. He will be working for Tim Brunner.

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