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Greetings from the College of Veterinary Medicine. As Director of Vet Med Facilities, I was asked to write an article sharing information about our department. As I thought about what I’d like to share with all of you, I could not help but think back to when I began working here in June of 2008. After my arrival on campus, visiting old friends and meeting new colleagues, I was surprised at how little people actually knew about the College of Veterinary Medicine despite its nationally known reputation. It occurred to me this may be a great opportunity to share some history about the college as well as highlight some of the projects we have undertaken recently. I’ll call it “Vet Med 101”.

Kansas State University is one of the oldest Veterinary Colleges in the United States to grant the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. In 1905, the College of Veterinary Medicine was established as the Department of Veterinary Medicine. In 1919, It underwent a name change to the Division of Veterinary Medicine when it separated from the School of Agriculture. In 1943 the name changed one more time to the College Of Veterinary Medicine. In 1963 the Veterinary Medicine Program was designated a college after Kansas State became a University. Today, the College claims that more than 5,500 men and women have been granted a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree.

When the College was first established they held classes in the Armory, which was also called the Farm Machinery Hall. In 1908 Leasure Hall was built at a cost of $70,000. The College stayed in the Armoray until 1955 when Dykstra Hall was built. The College flourished during this time. During the 1970’s, known as “the decade of building”, the College underwent a total transformation. Coles Hall, a research facility claiming 310,495 square feet, was completed in 1972. Then in 1975 Trotter Hall, a teaching facility claiming 98,201 square feet, was completed and it included four absorber chillers and a new cooling tower. In 1978 Mosier Hall, a structure designated to house a teaching hospital and diagnostic laboratory, was completed. It claimed 257,968 square feet. During this building project two centrifugal chillers were installed in the basement of Coles Hall as well as two new cells to the existing cooling tower.

When I began my tenure as Director of Vet Med Facilities I was faced with several challenges as the department was 30 plus years old. Among them was a new roof for Mosier Hall as well as many mechanical systems that were either in need of replacement or intensive maintenance/repairs. After evaluating several needs we established that our most urgent concern was the chill plant in the basement of Coles Hall. It was in dire need of being replaced and relocated. The following includes a list of projects our team has accomplished over the past seven years.

1. 2010 –  Mosier Hall Roof Replacement. This roof was replaced using Obama using        Federal Stimulus Funds ($750,000)

2. 2013 – New Chill Plant with all new chill water coils and valves. This was an Energy Project with Johnson Controls. ($11ML).

3. 2013 NICKS/ICCM Remodel Project on the second floor of Mosier Hall. This was a project to help support the University’s 2025 Vision and included four new AHU’s. ($6.7ML)

4. 2014 Trotter Hall College of Veterinary Medicine Library. ($1.2ML)

5. 2015 Mosier Hall Integrated Research Laboratory. ($1.2ML)

These accomplishments were possible because of the great team we have in Facilities. I would like to thank and recognize my staff for all their hard work and dedication. Maintaining and cleaning the facilities of the College of Veterinary Medicine is a challenging and intense responsibility. The Veterinary Health Center provides care for both small and large animals and requires specialized maintenance that is detail-focused on a daily basis. This is no easy task! I am extremely appreciative of our hard-working staff and their effort to make these facilities clean and operable for the students, faculty, and staff of Vet Med.

Kindest regards,

Allan Leikam, Director of Facilities, College of Veterinary Medicine

K-State Recycling Displays Homecoming Float

Campus Recycling entered a float in the K-State Homecoming parade for the third year in a row in order to show support for campus activities while increasing awareness of K-State’s recycling program.


The overwhelming support from students and members of the community alike is part of what motivates Bill Spiegel, Director of Recycling, and his team to continue the tradition;

“We continue entering the float as we feel that it leads to some recognition of our campus and community’s ability to improve the sustainable stance of our city with simple recycling habits.”

Planning for the event generally begins with brainstorming in the summer and the collection of materials in the fall.  Kelly Whitehair (chair of the Campus Recycling Committee) and her husband, Mark, have volunteered their time to assist Bill Spiegel in designing and building the floats.


Often, waste materials gathered on campus are recycled and reformatted to construct the float.  Considerations for themes, deadlines, transportation, parade rules, and safety requirements are all taken into account during the process.

Bill Spiegel pulling the Recycling float for K-State's Homecoming parade.
Bill Spiegel pulling the Recycling float for K-State’s Homecoming parade.

All of us at Facilities want to thank Bill, Kelly, Mark, and the rest of their team for all of their hard work in creating another great float this year!


Congratulations to Ed Heptig, Director of Building Maintenance at K-State! Ed was recently elected to serve as President of the Central Region of APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators), the association for facilities professionals in higher education. This association strives to provide leadership in the management of educational facilities.

Ed Heptig named as President of the Central Region of APPA
Outgoing President, Glen Haubold, honoring Incoming President, Ed Heptig, in the passing of the gavel ceremony.

APPA is an international association dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the quality of educational facilities. APPA serves and assists facilities officers and physical plant administrators in colleges, universities, and other educational institutions throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries worldwide. Their mission is to promote excellence in the administration, care, operations, planning, and construction of educational facilities. APPA also serves the entire education community by conducting research and educational programs, producing publications, developing guidelines, and serving as a central information source for its members.

APPA members are expected to uphold the values of vision, transformation, stewardship, collaboration and leadership. Throughout the years, this association has served as a medium for members to collaborate, discuss, learn and create a better vision for elevating and transforming institutions into more inviting and supportive learning environments.

As the Director of Building Maintenance at KSU, Heptig oversees the maintenance of about 120 buildings, encompassing 5.4 million square feet.



Congratulations to Rex and Christina White on the arrival of their daughter, Kellie Renee White, on October 10th. Kellie arrived 20.5 inches long and 6 lbs. 7 oz.

Kellie White
Kellie Renee White

Happy Birthday!

November 1st – Allen Wege

November 1st – Wanda Scott

November 4th – Mark Fronce

November 6th – Kathryn Reed

November 7th – Henry Davis Jr.

November 9th – Kit Tebbutt

November 9th – James Hartford

November 9th – Michael Mathews

November 9th – Larry Gliniecki Jr.

November 13th – Ute Dock

November 14th – Joseph Blenn

November 15th – Shane McCune

November 15th – Steve Bishop

November 17th – Daniel McGee

November 17th – Roy Jones

November 19th – John Silva

November 20th – Timothy Goyette

November 21st – Glen Rubash

November 21st – Jeffrey Brewster

November 24th – John Hoyle

November 28th – Michael Lovgren

November 28th – Patrick Arrow

November 30th – Edward Rice

November 30th – Mary Walgrave

Moving Up…

Douglas E. Ray was promoted to an Equipment Operator Senior. He is working for Joe Myers on the Grounds Maintenance Crew.

Douglas E. Ray
Douglas E. Ray



Charles Jackson Jr. was promoted to Custodial Supervisor Senior. He is working for John Woods on the Custodial Night Crew.

Charles Jackson Jr.
Charles Jackson Jr.

Welcome to Our Team!

Matt Koch
Matthew Koch

Matthew Koch was hired as a Senior Administrative Assistant. He is working for Anne Murphy in Central Mail Services.


Gary Weishaar
Gary Weishaar

Gary Weishaar was hired as the new Energy Engineer. He is working for Casey Lauer in the Energy and Controls department.



Patrick Hodgson
Patrick Hodgson

Patrick Hodgson was hired as an Engineering Technician. He is working for Heather Mills in Facilities Planning and Project Management.


Theresa Clark
Theresa Clark

Theresa Clark was hired as a Custodial Specialist. She is working for Mary Grubbs on the Custodial Day Crew.


Orlando Wrone
Orlando Wrone

Orlando (Tony) Wrone was hired as a Custodial Specialist. He is working for Mary Grubbs on the Custodial Day Crew.

In The Spotlight…

Cindy McNulty

Cindy McNulty is an Administrative Specialist who works in Payroll and Personnel Services within K-State’s Division of Facilities. She has worked at K-State for 17 years and claims Manhattan as her home town. She believes the best thing about K-State are the people she works with,

“We have really great people here!”

Cindy’s favorite food is “dessert” and has a variety of hobbies including snow skiing, boating, motorcycle riding, working in the yard, home DIY projects, and spending time with friends and family. She picks up a lot of great ideas from the website, Pinterest, and her co-workers may be surprised to learn she enjoys finding old furniture to refinish it. When it comes to vacations, she doesn’t have a single, favorite site;

“I like to see a lot of different places. Beaches, snow-covered mountains..it’s all nice”


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