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Campus Departments Generously Respond to Hale Library Restoration

K-State proves its sense of family, once again, in the face of adversity. Several departments are stepping up and offering to share space with over 100 displaced employees due to the fire in Hale library. In addition to Library staff, other departments housed in Hale include the IT Help Desk, Media Development Center (MDC), and Network & Telecommunications Services (NTS). A complete listing of where these departments have been re-located can be found in the June 8 edition of K-State Today or by clicking on the following link:



IT SERVICES are temporarily located in the following locations:

IT Help Desk – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union) 

Network Operations Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Telephone Operators – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Client Services / Desktop Support – KSU Student Union, Rm 204

Media Development Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Instructional Technology team – CBA, Rm 2116

Instructional Designer – Unger Complex, Rm 139

Tech Trainers/Communications/ETDRs – Unger Complex, Rm 139

“We appreciate all of the departments that offered temporary office locations for staff that were displaced by the fire”

-Heather Mills, Assist. Director, Campus Planning & Space Mgmt

Welcome to our TEAM!

Sierra Flowers was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Sierra is working for Roger Schneider

Joshua Hendry was hired as a Custodial Specialist

Joshua is working for Stephanie Brecheisen

Timothy Hubka was hired as a Landscape Tech I in Grounds & Landscaping

Timothy is working for Joe Myers

Tanner Anderson was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Tanner is working for Mike Price

Remy Martin was hired as a Custodial Specialist

Remy is working for Rod Hodges.

Kristi Gorman was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Kristi is working for Mary Grubbs

Maria Ugalde was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Maria is working for Beverly Price.

Alex Mitoska was hired as a Landscape Tech I for Grounds & Landscaping.

Alex is working for Joe Myers.

Janae Jones was hired as Facilities Services Coordinator.

Janae is working for Loleta Sump.


KUDOS!…to our very own ADDISON NIEHAUS (Student Worker, Central Mail) for her role in organizing the successful “No Drive Book Drive” event for Ogden Elementary School!

Addison Niehaus, a senior in Elementary Education, was event coordinator for the first-ever “No Drive Book Drive”. Addison and fellow members of Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society for Education Majors, hosted the fundraising event. Their goal was to provide each Ogden Elementary student with a book as well as donate several books to their school library.

Not only did they achieve their goal, they surpassed it by leaps and bounds! Enough donations were generated to provide each Ogden Elementary student with five books as well as donate more than $300 to their school library!



KUDOS!…to K-State Recycling for winning the 2018 Big 12 recycling competition in Recyclemania 2018!

Congratulations! K-State won the 2018 Big 12 recycling competition in Recyclemania 2018. During the eight weeks of the competition, K-Staters recycled 486,286 pounds of recyclable material! K-State has won this competition four of the last five years due to your commitment to making Kansas State University a greener place. The recyclable material includes paper, plastics, aluminum and tin cans, food compost, and cooking oil. Winning would not be possible without teamwork. So! A big “thank-you” to the students, faculty, and custodians who pick up the material in the buildings. A job greatly appreciated by all!

Bill Spiegel, Manager, Refuse & Recycling



KUDOS!…to those recognized at the 2018 USS Recognition Ceremony!



Matthew Smith, Electronic Technologist, Energy & Controls

Matt Smith is a dedicated employee who has a strong work ethic and passion for what he does. He was instrumental in the recently completed campus chilled water expansion project as well as the Seaton renovation and College of Business Building construction. He is goal-oriented, admired and respected by his peers for his leadership and his ability to assess and remedy complex problems and issues. His interpersonal abilities, experience, attention to detail and understanding of HVAC and control principles allows him to mentor and train team members on a broad array of topics.  (Submitted by Gary Weishaar, Energy Engineer)



Cynthia McNulty,  Human Capital Representative, A.S.C.






Deena Barger                         Marvin Heck                      Gerardo Negron

Thomas Bartlett                     Roy Joosten                      Darrell Nelson

Velder Booth                          Patrick Lancaster             Tammy Powers

Judy Fiegener                         Derek Macy                      Janet Weeks

Clinton Grubbs                       Evelyn Negron



Erik Bergstrom           Josh Ricker     

Susan Kent                 James Schooler



Roger Hageman



Galen Hageman

Hulan Jack III

Kirk Norris



Bernard Brehmer                     Linda Pfaff              Rene Smalldridge

Carol Wendland                       Ute Cruz                  Araminta Washington

John Hoffman                          Janice Rood            Jacqueline Toburen


KUDOS!…to our GROUNDS CREW for all the great work they did around the K-State Rec Center!

Grounds Crew,

Thanks for all your hard work around the K-State Rec Center. I really appreciate the effort. The area looks awesome!

-Clint Hafliger, Associate Director of K-State Recreational Services


KUDOS!…to Zone 3 Team members JEFF SIMMS (Zone 3 Electrician), JEREMY FILBY (Zone 3 MR Tech) for going the extra mile to help get K-State’s Dairy Plant back up and running!

“A few weeks ago, when our Dairy Plant lost a tower fan, I called in a work order to facilities. Within a few minutes, Jeff Simms  was at my office, ready to help. He quickly tracked down the problem, which required replacing the motor. A motor was ordered and scheduled to arrive at 11:30 am in the morning so I asked Jeff Simms and Jeremy Filby to start working on it as soon as they got back from lunch. I got the 120 lb. motor off the truck and, to my surprise; Jeff and Jeremy were there with the crane! They had skipped lunch to get me back on line. I cannot express how much that meant to my team and me. The dedication of your Zone 3 Building Maintenance Team is amazing. Please give them and their supervisor, Shelly Hauck, a “that-a-boy” from all of us here at the Dairy Plant. Thanks for all you do!”

Jared Parsons, KSU Dairy Plant Manager



What’s New?

…Division of Facility Employees, MARK YOUR CALENDARS!



…from the Office of the Vice President of Finance & Administration

Kansas State University is committed to providing a safe, respectful and healthy environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. When the Cats for Clean Air policy was implemented on June 1, K-State reinstated a policy that dates back to the university’s founding. When the Kansas State Agricultural College was established in 1863 the Kansas Board of Regents issued a directive that stated “No Smoking On Campus.” During World War I, a request was made by students in the Student Army Training Corps for a concession to the no smoking on campus rule. Both President Jardine, college president at the time, and Captain Sturges, the commander of the corps, relented. Corps members were initially allowed to smoke in the barracks and, over time smoking became accepted on campus. In past decades, the health-driven movement to restrict smoking in public became more prevalent. History repeats itself as K-State now joins the other public universities in the state with a no-smoking ban. Smoking is already prohibited in university buildings and university-owned vehicles. A variety of cessation resources are available to current tobacco users interested in quitting. Lafene Health Center offers free quit kits and over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy. Please join the K-State family in creating a clean-air environment on our campus.

Happy Retirement!



Henry “Ed” Billings has worked for K-State a total of 23 years, 4 months, and 10 days! He has worked in Facilities Services as a Custodial Specialist. His last day of work was on April 1, 2018.


Cherry Rosenberry has been a K-State employee for more than 29 years! During that time, she has worked in Grounds & Landscaping, Custodial, and the Recycling Department. Her last day of work was on May 31, 2018.


Mike Stoddard has spent 19 years working at K-State and in Facilities Services. He began as a Custodial Specialist, and then was promoted to Custodial Supervisor, and finally, promoted to Custodial Manager. Mike’s last day of work was on June 1, 2018.


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