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Just For Fun!

The 1st Annual Facilities Car Show was a small, yet fun addition to the employee appreciation Festivities during the Facilities Family Picnic. Three cars and two motorcycles were entered, but rain on the morning of the show prevented the motorcycles from being displayed. A steady crowd passed through the show area.

Everyone enjoyed chatting about the cars, auto parts, past cars, and other tall tales. I want to thank everyone who helped me coordinate this event. Thanks to Lori Hayden, who was invaluable in developing the flyer and entry form, and emailing them out to the Division. Thanks to Jeff Barnes, director of Parking Services, and his staff for reserving a spacious area for the show. And thanks to Ryan Swanson and Ed Heptig for allowing me to try a new event.

I proposed the car show to our administration because I enjoy seeing someone’s unique vehicle in the parking lot and never have the time to talk to the owner about it. We have very diverse automotive interests across Facilities and I wanted to showcase that.

Please contact me next summer about entering your ‘ride’ into the 2nd annual Facilities Car Show!

Mike Paph, Zone 2 Supervisor


KUDOS!…to our GROUNDS & LANDSCAPING division for the beautiful Purple Oxalis Plants in front of Dykstra Hall. Students and Staff often stop to take pics of our Purple Pride and ask what they are.


KUDOS!…to KERRY McDONALD for organizing such a fantastic Family Day Picnic for all Facilities Employees! Volunteers from Our Building Maintenance department set up the gigantic tent in front of Dykstra Hall so we could enjoy a picnic lunch, games, a car show, and even a bouncy house for the kiddos! Overall, it was a HUGE success! Kerry would also like to thank everyone who helped set up and clean up with special thanks going to Cody Smith and Shelly Hauck.



Happy Retirement



Janet Schooler has been a K-State employee for more than 29 years! During that time, she has worked in Facilities Payroll, which became a part of the Administrative Services Center in 2017.

We will miss you, Janet!



Did You Know?



…about The Big Ten & Friends Utility Conference?

Colleagues from our Power Plant & Utilities division attended the Big Ten & Friends 2018 Utility Conference hosted by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, this annual conference allows Big 10 Schools and their peers to learn the latest about campus utility production, distribution, metering, and efficiency. It also provides a platform where peers from different universities can share successes and failures and help one another improve their operations. Due to the close location of this year’s event, K-State was able to send five members of our Facilities team to gain information and resources for improving efficiency and sustainability within our Utility Operations.


K-State Facilities employees attending the Big 10 Utilities Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, take a moment to take a picture in UNL’s stadium.


Pictured from left to right: Gary Weishaar (Energy Engineer), Tim Brunner (Power Plant Manager), Chris Falley (Power Plant Supervisor), and Roger Hageman (Power Plant Supervisor).  Troy Bronaugh (Zone 5 Supervisor) also attended the conference.



Campus Departments Generously Respond to Hale Library Restoration

K-State proves its sense of family, once again, in the face of adversity. Several departments are stepping up and offering to share space with over 100 displaced employees due to the fire in Hale library. In addition to Library staff, other departments housed in Hale include the IT Help Desk, Media Development Center (MDC), and Network & Telecommunications Services (NTS). A complete listing of where these departments have been re-located can be found in the June 8 edition of K-State Today or by clicking on the following link:



IT SERVICES are temporarily located in the following locations:

IT Help Desk – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union) 

Network Operations Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Telephone Operators – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Client Services / Desktop Support – KSU Student Union, Rm 204

Media Development Center – Cat’s Pause (in KSU Student Union)

Instructional Technology team – CBA, Rm 2116

Instructional Designer – Unger Complex, Rm 139

Tech Trainers/Communications/ETDRs – Unger Complex, Rm 139

“We appreciate all of the departments that offered temporary office locations for staff that were displaced by the fire”

-Heather Mills, Assist. Director, Campus Planning & Space Mgmt

Welcome to our TEAM!

Sierra Flowers was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Sierra is working for Roger Schneider

Joshua Hendry was hired as a Custodial Specialist

Joshua is working for Stephanie Brecheisen

Timothy Hubka was hired as a Landscape Tech I in Grounds & Landscaping

Timothy is working for Joe Myers

Tanner Anderson was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Tanner is working for Mike Price

Remy Martin was hired as a Custodial Specialist

Remy is working for Rod Hodges.

Kristi Gorman was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Kristi is working for Mary Grubbs

Maria Ugalde was hired as a Custodial Specialist.

Maria is working for Beverly Price.

Alex Mitoska was hired as a Landscape Tech I for Grounds & Landscaping.

Alex is working for Joe Myers.

Janae Jones was hired as Facilities Services Coordinator.

Janae is working for Loleta Sump.

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