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K-State 2025: The next five years

K-State-2025-logo-250x123Five years into K-State’s 2025 plan, Kansas State University is reflecting on key accomplishments and refining the strategic metrics for the next five years of the university’s plan to become a top 50 public research university by the year 2025.

The university released its K-State 2025 Progress Report last fall, which highlighted the accomplishments of the plan to date. The President’s Cabinet is also working together to refine benchmarks and metrics that will guide progress toward the goal over the next five years.

“Much of the refinement underway is a reflection of the changing funding climate for public education in the state of Kansas and beyond, as well as concerns about the rising cost of public education for families,” said Greg Willems, KSU Foundation president and CEO, who is also a member of the President’s Cabinet. “The collaborative nature of this discussion — which includes myself and leaders from campus, K-State Alumni Association and K-State Athletics — is an essential component to moving this visionary plan forward.”

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