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A letter from Greg Willems regarding the departure of Kirk and Noel Schulz

Dear K-State family,greg-089r-2

I am sure many of your have heard that K-State’s first family, President Kirk Schulz and First Lady Noel Schulz, are leaving K-State for Washington State University. I wanted to provide you with some additional information on this transition, and what it will mean for K-State and KSU Foundation moving forward.

This was a personal career decision for Kirk and Noel, and they are choosing to leave K-State on exceptional terms. Their commitment to K-State, record of professional achievement and relationships on and off campus were outstanding.

While we regret the loss of great leaders and friends, this is a tremendous opportunity for K-State to build on our success the university has enjoyed under Kirk’s leadership. We will continue to build on this momentum as we work to identify K-State’s president, who will work with our faculty, staff and students to boldly advance K-State.

No single leader is ever larger than the organization. K-State will continue to thrive because of our strong culture, values, and dedicated people who will advance the institution successfully during this transition.

Our intent moving forward is to continue to make sure we work with the Regents and our community to complete a search process that will attract the nation’s most talented and proven leaders to consider this role. We intend to aggressively address the appropriate resources, benefits and support elements to secure our candidate of choice – one who will deliver on the K-State 2025 vision of achieving a top 50 national ranking.

In the interim, our job at the KSU Foundation will be to do what we always do: Achieve success despite any challenge. The worthiness of our mission and the institution we support is without question, and the commitment of K-State alumni to support this institution will only increase with time and in adversity.


Greg Willems
President and CEO
KSU Foundation

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