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K-State Proud campaign surpasses $1 million


K-State Proud surpassed the $1 milllion mark this spring, with $1,030,000 raised and more than 520 students assisted since the student-led campaign began 10 years ago.

“The KSU Student Foundation and their K-State Proud campaign has created a level of engagement for student philanthropy that is second-to-none nationally,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of the KSU Foundation. “Surpassing their million-dollar goal validates the vision and hard work of this outstanding organization and the students who have offered their service. We’re proud to be working with them to build a culture of philanthropy that begins while they are students and will continue for a lifetime of supporting K-State.”

K-State Proud is a nationally recognized fundraising campaign for K-State. Guided by the leadership of the K-State Student Foundation, the campaign encourages students to show their K-State pride through philanthropy. All campaign donations support Student Opportunity Awards for fellow K-State students who have exhausted all other forms of financial aid.

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